Social Problems Affecting the Youth

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Social Problems Affecting the Youth essay
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Before going further into the research, we must know the definition of “youth” first Who can be categorized as “youth”? “Youth” is best understood as a quantity of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence and awareness of our reciprocity as members of a community. The United Nation Educational (UN) defines “youth”, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years. According to the latest data from the Statistics Department., nearly 30% of Malaysia’s population of 32 million is under 18 years with the number of boys slightly higher than girls. This article mainly gives focus on social problems affecting the targeted group of youth under the age of 18 years.

Nowadays, there are many social problems occur especially involving youth. Their curiosity has made them want to try new things that are unprofitable and have led to social problems such as drug abuse, ragging in schools and colleges, gangsterism, school absence, smoking, rape, and others. This problem also occurs because of the environment that has a social problem such as taking drugs, fighting, robbery, and sexual violence. The youth will think it’s a normal thing to do that does not have a negative impact on it. The youth today will be our future leader, thus we need to nurture the younger generation with good qualities so as to ensure a better future for our country. Therefore we need to be united in making sure this problem can be avoided.

Parents should be able to guide individuals to recognize themselves as human beings in social life. Problems with social adolescence are largely due to the relationship between parents and teenagers themselves. A large number of teenagers blame parents. As a newspaper passage entitled ‘Ayah Sibuk, Remaja Liar’ Harian Metro, August 1, 2001, and ‘Keluarga Terbiar, Remaja Jadi Liar’ Harian Metro, September 6. The workload of the business led to a lack of time distribution. The love they hope to be replaced with luxury and money.

Parents deny this statement and blame others for either the ego factor with their position or their perceptions of teenagers who are categorized as raw. However, the task seems to have been handed over to the maid or school. By doing so they hope that their children’s morals, personality, and self-esteem can be established as best they can. As a result, they invite social symptoms among adolescents. The issues featured in this newspaper clarify that social problems among adolescents are attributed to parental relationships. The controversy between adolescents and parents arises when both parties try to defend their respective rights. The troubled teens point fingers to parents, supposedly parents do not pay attention to them because they are busy focusing on work matters. They lack time together, the love they expect to be replaced by luxury and money.

Responsibilities are handed over to maid, teachers or educators who have paid their salaries. From the parent’s perspective, they seem to be confused with the fact of their children. It is worse when they point the finger to another party such as a school that supposedly failed to produce a disciplined student. Finding out who causes the problem is not a wise way to solve a problem. But the definitive conflict will bring about change. Thus, friends also can be another cause of social problems. Friends become people who are close to them. Good friends can guide them to goodness, but if mistakenly choose a friend, will influence them to bad things. In addition, teenage attitudes contribute to social phenomena, sometimes they are too easy to trust other people. For example, if they feel their friends are closer and more understanding, they will simply follow what their friends do. They forget that ‘friends also can also generally betray friends’. In this situation, many teenagers fall into social phenomena.

The problem of social phenomena among adolescents today will have a great impact and impact on individuals, communities, and countries. Adolescents today are key assets and are very important in the future development of the country. Long-term and short-term effects will surely happen if adolescents and societies today do not know how to deal with these increasingly tangible issues, this is a self-reflection and a glorious morality of the eyes of our own society. A self-reflection is an individual mirror. If an individual has a bad character, then the person’s personality will also be bad. Teens who have bad habits can affect themselves, families, societies, and countries. Firstly, there are some effects on the individual.

A human being born in the world is like a white cloth purse that has nothing to do with it, it is up to the individual how he wants to make his life. Individuals who characterize themselves with good morals will be regarded as noble and taller, as individuals who defy themselves with negative things will be perceived as obscene and repulsed by the surrounding community. For someone who is a Muslim, especially teenagers, good morals should be adorned with the things of faith and piety to God. On the contrary, Muslim youths today do not follow the true teachings of Islam, instead of embarrassing the religion, race, and nation. It can not be denied that the effects of this social phenomenon will have a profound effect on a teenager. Next, the emergence of a nation, religion, and nation today is to see the morals and morals of a society.

Undeniable that teenage morals today are very disturbing to society. If this is not contained by certain parties, especially by the government, it is no wonder that someday, our communities will be destroyed and the decadence of the Malay youths will be damaged and destroyed. But there is the most obvious effect that will be seen in the absence of adolescent morality today. The people in this country will be haphazard, fragmented and united. Consequently, bad feelings and prejudices will exist in society. Mutual suspicion-suspect will reign in the hearts of the people. This affects fights in society. Racial issues will exist if the fight involves two races. At the same time the crime rate in society will also increase which is due to the decline in moral behavior among adolescents. The main implication of the country is that if social phenomena are not addressed immediately, the country will lose its future generation leadership.

This will make the country’s development tremendous and the socioeconomic situation of the country will be sluggish as there are social phenomena and high moral collapse among the people. This will make the crime rate in the country also increase in tandem with the increase in social phenomena as well as increasing the cost of government spending to reduce crime rates. Then the outside elements will sink into the country if the younger generation today do not know their morals. And, the most important thing is that today’s teenagers, especially the morals of Muslim youths are destroyed and corrupted, then the views of other races on the religion we have today are oblique and bad.

We can see that this problem will drag on us if we do not take any action. Therefore, all parties must be united in an effort to tackle this problem from continuing. The role of oldsters is extremely vital in giving serious attention to their kids. Parents must pay attention to every movement or movement of their children. Parents should always be aware of and identify the problems that their children face and are willing to take time to address the problem. Parents should also know their child’s friends and always make sure their children are friends and associate with those who have good morals. In addition, parents should spend part of the day with their children by giving confidence, courage, creating positive attitudes towards problems, emotions, and decisions.

In addition, enhancing the appreciation of children towards religion, noble values, motivation, coaching a polite child, principles of accountability, adherence, skill, demonstrating noble character, trustworthiness, ability to accept weaknesses and to explore the potential of children. Parents should be role models for children. Next, academic approach. This can be done by adding academic and semi-academic based activities such as co-curricular activities at school. Similarly, the changes in teaching techniques such as computer use, video, audio-visual aids, and classroom teaching techniques. Lastly, law enforcement by authorities such as police. The existing police jurisdiction should be used by school administrators in disciplining students. The administrator should take the opportunity to refer to the student’s problem to the police.

In conclusion, whether or not most of the problems affecting teenagers today are due to the stresses and problems that exist in the environment. For example, too rapid development has changed the way our people live. Humans become increasingly individualistic and materialistic. Therefore, the social balance should be restored. If this can be done then family relationships and community affairs can be confirmed. What is more important is that each of us has a social obligation of teenagers, especially in the pursuit of ‘civil society’ into a reality and not an empty illusion. this can only be accomplished by saving the youth from falling into the undesirable valley.


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