Single Parents Can Raise Kids As Well As Two Parents

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It is often believed that children raised by two parents are better than those raised by single parents. Single parenting is labeled, people assuming that no one can raise a child by one self successfully. For instance, a boy will need his father when he grows up to understand what a man should be. On the other hand, if the boy is raised by a single mother, people would claim that such a child will be less advantaged to grow with no male or father figure to guide him in his life. However, all these assumptions are misconceptions. A single parent can equally raise children better as well as two parents. What matters most is how one takes up the roles. As long as the father or mother’s roles are very good, their children will grow up just like how they are raised with two parents. This research focuses on demonstrating how single parents can raise kids as well as two parents. The purpose is to prove that single parents could raise kids better than two parents.

Literature Review

A study by Ypeij, Annelou, and Steenbeek (2005) reveals that children who are raised by a single parent can be happy as those raised by two biological parents. According to the study, it was mentioned that what matters most is not whether a child has one or two parents. It aims to matter whether the child has parents who are nurturing, sensitive, warm, flexible and responsive. The author emphasizes that a child needs parenting rather than not a parent or parents. This is among the issues that most people are confused about. Consequently the assumptions that two parents are better than single parents. For example, a kid may have both parents living together, but the father may spend less of his time with the child. In most demonstrations, fathers presume that it is the mother’s part to take care of the children while he is the supplier. In cases like this, the child will be of no difference to being raised by a single parent. Though, even if the child is raised by one or two parents, the thing that matters most is whether they receive lots of love, nurturing, flexibility, responsive or sensitive parenting to help them as they grow up. What matters also is on how the child grows in hence of a single parent can raise kids just like two parents.

Another study by Taylor and Conger (2017) also supports this argument. They say that a large percentage of single parents have chosen to live that way because of unique circumstances. For instance, a lady can get married and after having a child, the husband dies. In such a case, the lady may decide to live alone as she raises up her child. In such a circumstance, the lady will have prepared herself both mentally, financially, among other essential areas. With the preparation and confidence that one is a single parent, they will understand their responsibility and know exactly what the child needs. Further research reveals that single parents ought to be more responsible as compared to the two parents. With a high degree of responsibility, single parents can raise children just as well as two parents.

Newlin (2017) also says single parents bond more with their children as compared to two parents. In a married couple, a child will most likely bond more with one parent than the other. Such a child will, as a result, tend to open up more to one parent than the other. For instance, girls mostly are freer to their mothers than their fathers. However, the problem is that the mother may not realize that her daughter also needs a father’s counsel and guidance as she grows. The father also may not be able to get the girl with all the counsel she needs just because she may not be free to open up to him about everything. As a result, it can become challenging for the child to receive quality parenting as expected from a child raised by a married couple. However, when a lady or man raises a child as a single parent, the child will definitely develop a strong bond with the parent. The single parent, in this case, will know the child so well as well as the challenges she may be facing at whichever time. As a result, the single parent will be able to ensure that her child gets everything she needs and hence making it possible for them to raise a child just as good as two parents.

According to Huang (2017), there is full accountability in single parenting. A single parent always knows that he or she is fully responsible for what the child does or becomes. For instance, a single mother is always concerned to know how her child will get her next meal, school fees, medication, and clothing among other essentials. However, when a child is raised by a married couple, it is most likely for each of the parents to relax, knowing or assuming that the other one is doing it. As a result, the single parent who always ensures that her child gets what she wants at whichever time may end up raising the child just as good as the one raised by a married couple.

Finally, Chang, Lu and Zhu (2017) say that what a child needs are parents and not necessarily married couples. A child may be raised by a single parent but get the privilege of having both the mother and father figure in her life. For instance, when a lady gives birth and goes back to her parents, where she will raise her child, the child may enjoy a father figure from the mother’s father, her brothers, uncles and other male figures that can play the role of a father very well. Therefore, the fact that a child is raised by a single parent does not mean that he or she will miss the existence of a father figure in her life. As long as there is a person to play the role of a father in the child’s life, he or she will grow just as good as the one raised by a married couple.

Theoretical Frame

Based on the literature review section, it is indeed true that a single parent can raise kids as well as two parents. The main reason why the results have come out this way is that all the articles were in support of the topic. It seems that the researchers were trying to defend single parents and to prove the myth wrong that that single parents are no better than married couples.


There are two hypotheses dealing with this research. The first one is single parents can raise kids just as good as two parents. While the other hypothesis is that single parents can be better than married couples.


Three variables are used in the study: Single parents, two parents, and kids. The GSS database will offer information on these variables. For instance, enough data will be collected concerning how successful single parents can be, data that differentiate between children raised by single parents and those raised by two parents, as well as the challenges faced by married couples. Such a data set will be so helpful in evaluating the subject and determining whether it is true that single parents can be as good as two parents.


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