Sexual Harassment in the Army

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Sexual Harassment crimes, in the United States Army, has begun with beginning of women’s involvement in the Army, half a century ago. However, it is continuing today, despite the significant gains of women’s movements, in the last three decades.

Sexual Harassment Via ‘Social Communication’

An Imaginary Love and Sexual Extortion

With spread of electronic means, of communication, the possibility of Sexual Harassment is no longer limited to direct contact, between the harasser and the victim. Harassers now, can reach their victims in a straightforward, and in one-click, anywhere at any time. Many Soldiers, from the users of social networking sites and Internet-connected devices, suffer from messages, images and video clips that contain sexual explicit language. It can often develop to threats and extortion, in taking photographs or recording a video of the victim and threatening to publish it on sites of nature Sexual.

From an emotional vacuum to Sexual Harassment

The suffering of Soldiers from these harassments has increased. It is because of the proliferation of the culture of review, via publishing photos and personal information on one hand. On the other hand, the emotional vacuum that drives some Soldiers to spend long hours on the Internet; which can amount to Internet addiction and the desire to hurt others. Sexual Harassment, in all its forms, not confined to females only, as many males complaint of inappropriate messages, including inappropriate images and phrases.

How to prevent online Sexual Harassment

There are steps, could contribute significantly, in reducing exposure to electronic Sexual Harassments, and ensuring the highest level of privacy, on the Internet or electronic devices. These include:

  • Reject any friend request from an unknown person.
  • Develop an email system that ensures that messages with unwanted names or words to turn to Spam.
  • Increase Soldiers’ awareness of the risks of Electronic communication in case of misuse; the transfers of information (signs, writing, images, sounds, or data) transmitted by either government-issued or privately-owned computer, phone, or another electronic device. Electronic communications include, but not limited to text messages, emails, chats, instant messaging, screensavers, blogs, social media sites, electronic device applications, and web/video conferencing.
  • Increase Soldiers’ awareness of online misconduct. Use of electronic communication to inflict harm. Examples include, but not limited to Harassment, bullying, hazing, stalking, discrimination, retaliation, or any other types of misconduct that undermine dignity and respect.


The Army values require that everyone treated with dignity and respect. Dignity is a critical component of the Army profession. As members of the Army team, individuals’ interactions in person and online reflect on the Army and its values. Army values apply to all aspects of our life, including online conduct. Harassment, bullying, hazing, stalking, discrimination, retaliation, and any other type of misconduct that undermines dignity and respect are not consistent with Army values and negatively impact command climate and readiness. It is so important to increase the awareness of Soldiers and civilian employees who participate in or condone misconduct, whether in person or online, to the consequences of these acts. The Army is commit to the zero-tolerance policy, to any action related to Sexual Harassment; any violation should be subject to criminal, disciplinary, and/or other corrective action.

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