#MeToo Movement Against Sexual Harassment

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The #MeToo is a movement to find the victims of sexual harassment and abuse. In this way, women are telling their stories of sexual harassment. They share their experiences and called up to take legal actions. Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo tweet spread all over the world by social media. After its creation, the #MeToo movement has been active for over a decade. It happened because of the efforts by Tarana Burke, an advocate, and activist for young women of color (Lafuente). Now, this movement is for all those faced sexual harassment and abuse in the study place, in the workplace, in offices, or in the military etc. The victims can share their bad experience to prevent such practices and to take actions by the help of legal institutions. This essay draft is about the memes related to the #MeToo movement. It also includes an analysis of five selected memes relevant to the #MeToo.

#MeToo: Women are sharing their experiences of sexual assault, showing how common sex crimes are

Women tagged on Twitter about their bad experiences. They just share #MeToo to spread their messages about sexual harassment and abuse. They are written about being grouped by classmates of their age. These boys show their cruel behavior with girls. In the workplace, male workers rated women on whether they’d sleep with them or not. There are issues of harassment and abuse in the workplace for senior personals. Women face harassment in colleges, factories, or even in the military. Some of these women share others experience of childhood abuse (Lahiri).

Generally, this meme has an impact on the viewers to understand the issues of women at different places like in the schools, in colleges, in the workplace, or in the military.

For the #MeToo, these memes have a significant impact as in this way people got awareness about the issues related to harassment and abuse. As people are connected by the use of different media, they can enhance their understanding of the issues related to women in society.

As people are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. they get knowledge about surrounding events. They share memes through the use of social media, so people have changed their opinion because of social media. Now they are raising their voice to diminish such activities of abusive behavior and sexual harassment at different places where women are studying or working with men.

The victims of sexual harassment need a proper way to spread their message to get feedback with support, they need legal information. This meme helps the viewers to create a sense of understanding on how women can share individually or collectively.

The #MeToo Movement: We need to take care of each other

We need to take care of others in the society to promote equality and justice. We must understand that women of all casts have equality rights either white or black women. It is not about to say that only a particular cast can spread their experiences of sexual harassment or abuse, but it is about to get information of all the victims. People need to recognize that we are facing multicultural challenges, and it is highly important that we focus on particular issues that are a hurdle in the growth and development of our society. In doing this, the first and foremost important thing is, we need to take care of ourselves.

To provide support to others, we need to take care of what we are doing in the society, in the workplace, in our study institutions, and in our groups. People should diminish bad practices around them and they should prevent people to be involved in the activities of sexual harassment and abuse. They need to provide professional support to others for the betterment in their life, especially those who face such situations in life (Bath).

In general, this meme has its impact on the viewers to share their experiences with each other, to get support, and to inform others so that they can prevent such bad experiences in life. Often individuals are unable to share their experience of sexual harassment and abuse, but when they are in groups, they have more power to spread their messages.

The #MeToo has a significant impact on people in society, and this is because of awareness on the issues. The memes help people to raise their collective voice against the issue related to sexual harassment and abuse.

Social media has an effect on the public opinion about #MeToo. In the start, people ignored this camping as they argue that it may promote women in the society to spread their messages against men. But the collective effort as shows in this meme, is helpful for people to understand that we are all need to be careful for out behaviors. we must be careful for each other by providing their moral support.

We should be the responsible people of society, and take care of others who face such bad experiences in their life. We need to provide them moral and legal support.

After #MeToo, College Women in America Are Organizing for Change

This is about gender equality as it is an issue from over many decades. The year 2017, was the starting period of the #MeToo again by the use of social media. This year was also started with the inauguration of President Trump. On the very next day, more than three million women started to protest over 300 US cities. This flood of #MeToo raised by social media and it brought open secrets and forced different uncomfortable conversations about sexual harassment and abuse. This movement to change, was a big push to provide inspiration. A large number of women choose to run for the political office in the US (Frot).

In general, this movement has a distinct impact on the people of the US. They focused the need for equal behavior in the society. The understand that women have their right to raise their voice. These women use social media to run this campaign and to make it successful.

This meme impact on the #MeToo movement as many other women makeups their mind to go forward and say something about their personal experiences in life. This is a new startup to have a collective voice against sexual harassment and abuse.

Because of the use of social media, now public opinion has changed. As more people are aware of the bad impact of such morally bad activities, they make a change. Now people are aware about their rights in case of such experiences.

Social media played an effective role to spread the messages of victims. This practice helps them to secure many of those who are in the younger age and who are the potential victims of such harassment and abuse.

Dear men, #MeToo isn’t trying to silence you. It’s trying to empower you

A few people contend that the #MeToo spreads the wrong message. They envision that men are hesitant to discuss their very own life or awful experiences for the duration of regular day to day existence. On the other side, women relate to their records. Men are facing society, and as such, they concealed such bad experiences to get their status. They are more concerned about their working relations and in social affairs. They are progressively cognizant for their unsavoriness thusly, they are careful to share their bad experiences. As men are quiet, women believe that they are not the people in question thus, they are in charge of such badgering and misuse. The important thing is, presently individuals from all foundations, including people have a discussion to share their encounters. I figure that they should change their reasoning and approach the positive side of the #MeToo progress for progressively positive outcomes (Berlatsky).

It shows that such memes are not only to save women for abusive behaviors, but they protect the rights of men as well. It is a general understanding that women are the only victims, but in reality, men are also faced such issues of harassment.

These memes help such people to raise their voice and share their experiences.

Men can share such experiences with the use of social media. Although men hesitate to spread such messages about harassment and abuse, but it is the need of the time. Social media has changed the opinion of people as now they are more concerned about taking preventive measures on such issues in the society.

Men and women bother are the victims, the only difference is that women are telling their stories, while men are hesitating to show such bad experiences of their life. Social media and the #MeToo campaign have changed these thoughts of hesitation and now men are contributing to spreading the message.

The normalization of sexual assault against men

This meme is about the double standard that exists in Western society when it comes to violence against men versus violence against women, and sexual harassment against men versus women. Basically, there is no need to ‘versus’ as the #MeToo is for all victims of sexual harassment and abuse. These are not a specification for men or women, while people or black people, or discrimination based on cast, country, or origin. It is just about to create awareness in people of all societies, highlighting their issues related to harassment and abuse, and recommendations for the victims to get legal support and help. It also helps young people to prevent such bad practices in their schools, in the workplace, or in their groups. It is about to prevent both men and women from sexual harassment and abuse.

In general, it is argued that people believe in women by getting their stories through the #MeToo, but it is not the same for men. People don’t simply listen and believe men. Mostly they believe that men have certain other reasons to show such experiences.

For the assessment of sexual harassment, the memes have a significant impact as people think about the other side of the picture. People think that women are the only victims, and men are guilty. In reality, this is not the situation of all time. By these memes, people have awareness about the other side as they think how men can be harassed mentally and physically.

Social media has changed the public opinion as many personals from legal and policy organizations are representative of the #MeToo. They are providing their services to improve the performance of the #MeToo, and to help the victims.

Social media has changed the scenario of information and creating awareness. Men and women are eagerly concerned with their issues of harassment and abuse. A few people argued that women are not the only victims, but men also face such bad situations. The only thing is that people believe in women easily, but it is hard to believe in male victims.

The #MeToo movement has a significant impact on the life of people who face harassment and abuse. It spread the message of betterment and support to all people. People from different backgrounds are sharing their experience, this includes men and women from different countries. They raise their voice against bad things in their life like sexual harassment and abuse. The main objective is to highlight such cases, to provide awareness and support to the victims, and to prevent such practices in the society. The #MeToo is about to make policy changes at government levels, along with legislation on such issues in the society.

The #MeToo is not only for those who faced harassment and abusive behaviors, but for all those people who are the possible targets like children, girls in the schools, and young boys. Now people are aware of how they can raise their voice through a platform. This movement creates awareness through the use of social media and technology sources. Events and speeches are organized by the participants to provide orientation on the issue of harassment. The #MeToo is a fight to spread the message of equality and to protect the rights of all those who faced sexual harassment and abuse.

To conclude, women are sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse is to prevent such crimes. The #MeToo is a platform to share their experiences, to tell their stories, and to get feedback from the experts for taking legal actions. In this way, women are getting expert opinions to legal implications. People from all societies need to take care of each other, as all people have equal rights, there is no segregation between the White and Black people. Any case of sexual harassment of abuse needs to be treated similarly. The #MeToo is a forum to pursue such cases on equal grounds. Different groups from American society, are organizing for change. After #MeToo, college women in America are organizing events to show their opinion by the use of social media. Not only for women but for men too, the movement also provides a channel to break their silence. It is about empowering men for their rights, as the movement aims for normalization of sexual harassment against men as well.


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