School Captain Speech

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Firstly, I’m going to begin by telling you why I would like to become a school captain. I want to become a school captain because I’m an intelligent girl and I have strong leadership skills. I’ve been in this school for nearly 7 years and I feel like I can take on bigger roles. So far, I’ve been on the SRC once. I am positive that I would make an excellent school captain, I was inspired by the previous school captain and would like to achieve the same goal. I feel proud to belong to Al Amanah Collage because the students and teachers have all been nice to me and made me comfortable here.

Secondly, I’ll be contributing towards SRC activities by:

  • Organizing events
  • Fundraisers
  • Plant.

Finally,  I think I deserve to be elected because I’m a fair confident leader, I’m organized, committed to my tasks and I’m a good decision maker. Becoming a school captain means to represent the school and its core values: integrity, wisdom, positivity, compassion, work ethic and commitment. Some qualities that I have which I feel like would help me to be a good school captain are because I’m honest, I’m a helpful girl I’m kind trustworthy, caring and well mannered.

In conclusion, Becoming School Captain is a goal I have had for a long time and today, right now I am trying to prove to everyone that I would make An excellent School Captain and really make a difference to this school. I hope I get the chance to prove this to everyone. Thank You everyone for listening to my speech and please vote for me as your School captain for 2020.

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