Political Economy of Universal Health Care

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From “Human Rights and The Political Economy of Universal Health Care: Designing Equitable Financing” written by Anja Rudiger, Rudiger addresses the approach to the funding of health care by analyzing the markets of public and private insurance companies to make an argument of how the funding for a universal health care can be done through taxation.

Rudiger’s article uses and highlights the model from the health care movement and the universal health care reform in Vermont as Rediger article goes “on a right based public financing plan and model” (Rudiger 67) that provides a universal health care for many Americans and economic equity.

The source is credible in my opinion due to the author Anja Rudiger credentials of not only having a Ph.D. in Political Science but also being a director of programs at the national economic and social rights initiative. I believe that this source will be helpful with my paper due to it’s not only providing ways fund a universal healthcare financially but also providing ways in which will help economic equity while also giving real life examples that are already in effect in the united states.

The parts of this article that I find interesting are the ways in which the funding of a universal health care can be beneficial in a way that cannot promote economic growth but can satisfy many groups of people. The Design of the model universal health care from this article is also interesting as it can play a big role in the United States as of right now.

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