Poetry is the Base of All Learning

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Students should be taught poetry in school. Poetry shapes students minds and guides them in developing skills that can be helpful in everyday life. Poetry helps students develop more of a sense of personality. It’s important especially at a high school level where students can express what they are thinking in a way other than a written paper. Students can freely pick the format and choose which way they want to take their ideas. Poetry is a way to express feelings, gain further knowledge, and is also teaches and opens new possibilities.

Students in this class expressed their feelings while learning, writing, and sharing poetry. While “Reading original poetry aloud in class can foster trust in the classroom”(Simmons). This gives them a chance to present what they wrote in a safe environment. They also have experienced trust and develop a healthy relationship with their peers This prepares the students for bigger presentations that they may have to make in the future. “Poetry can give students a healthy outlet for surging emotions” (Simmons).

Furthermore, students showed that they can put their emotions into a poem. They can let out what they are thinking into something that can benefit others by learning something new about a classmate. This can also help the reader of the poem, while they are presenting gain a sense of confidence. By sharing their poems it lets them know that they will not be judged on their work. “Recognition of ideas to expressing one’s own thoughts in a natural process” (Clark 1). This quote portrays that students can say what they are feeling without being pressured into doing so. Poetry is an open way of communication and lets the student say what they want in their own way and not be closed into one strict path.

Poetry in other terms is a way to gain more knowledge in different subject areas, as well as strengthening what students already know. “It can also stimulate an interest in further reading of poetry” (Clark 1). This is helpful for students to be more open to different forms of poetry. Reading poetry to some students opens a new way of thinking. While reading poems students are open to interpretation as for books there is a set storyline and one path to follow. When “Studying poetry can be a source of enhancing reading and analytical skills” (Clark 1).

By having these skills, it can help when doing other work to go line by line and figure out what the writer is trying to say. For instance, while students are reading a paragraph or a book and they don’t understand what the author is trying to say. Students can use the skills that they develop reading and writing poetry to gain more independence in different subject areas. On the other hand “Poetry can be a gateway to other forms of writing” (Simmons). While reading poetry and writing poems students gain a sense of imagination and they can use it and take it in their own way of thinking. Students can also take their knowledge of writing poems and use that same spark that it takes to write poetry and put it towards other activities.

A key factor for why poetry should be taught is this form of writing is it is beneficial for students. “Understanding poetry demands that one pay close attention to text” (Clark 1). While having this skill it can help the mind of the student by helping their thinking process. Also, by making sure they are thorough with their reading and noticing the smaller details. “Poetry often has the ability to reach the heart of the young reader” (Clark 1). Being taught poetry opens up the perspective point for other audiences. Poetry allows for an easier understanding by most poems being short and sweet. It helps the recipient of the poem not lose interest. They can pay attention to the small details. “Poetry enables teachers to teach their students how to write, read, and understand any text” (Simmons).

This exemplifies that poetry is the base for most all types of reading. When reading a book for example if students can break down what they are reading it will help with the interpretation of the text. Reading and writing poetry is important in order to fully understand what the author of the poem is trying to say. It is helpful to know how to break down each line of the poem itself. By knowing how to understand poetry, it can open more possibilities in other forms of writing and help the reader fully grasp each concept of what the writer is trying to say.

Students who are taught poetry have a higher advantage, it helps to give them a way to express their feelings, gain further knowledge, and it is beneficial for students. Poetry is a path of learning. By teaching poetry to students it opens up more ideas and turns their thoughts into actions. By knowing these skills and having being taught poetry students are able to think in a more complex way than they ever thought possible. It helps teachers know what the thinking process of their students is. This is why it is important for students to be taught poetry in school.


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How does poetry enhance learning?
Poetry can help students learn about literary devices and syntax. It can also help them develop an ear for rhythm and meter.
What is the basis of poetry?
The basis of poetry is the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.
Why is poetry important in education?
Poetry is important in education because it helps students learn to express themselves and their emotions. Additionally, poetry can help students learn about different cultures and traditions.
Why poetry is so important?
Politeness is the act of being courteous and respectful to others. It is a way to show consideration for the feelings and needs of others.
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