The Soul Charmer Poems Summary

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I am not professional reader of poetry but the book The Soul Charmer mesmerized me and surely made me glad that I have decided to read this book. This book is not available in the market I have purchased it online in the form of soft copy.

Now I am going to write something scattered thoughts regarding the book which I have observed during my reading.I must say the title of the book is catchy and apt. It is truly a lovely collection of poetry by Richa Saxena consisting of 34 poems in the lyrical form which sooths our mind and soul. The poems are divided into segments which only passionate reader can understand. Some poems are related to father-daughter relationship; some are sensual; some are about nature.

Hence through these sections i reminded of the nature lover Wordsworth. I am also reminded Sylva Plath’s “Dady” and John Donn’s sensual poems like “Flea”. This book also displays the same thing. Both the poems “My Heart Awaits You” and “Daddy’s Little Princess” focus on the same thing- woman, but the way they have been projected are very different, I mean from a deferent angle altogether. I feel this is what which makes the book charming. A mixed feeling of love; childhood, innocence and betrayal are scattered all over the book.
While reading the book we will feel nostalgia, loved and maybe some can relate themselves with some poems too. The language is quite simple and easy to understand which the best thing about the book is. The poems are short and hence in few stanzas, Richa tried her level best to convey the emotions she actually wanted to convey.

Throughout all the poems I felt the author’s inner confines or in other way the general topics which could we relate easily. As already been told it has all in all 35 poems. Every poem has a deep meaning that can be understood if read by going into the depth of it. There are different sections in the book that are related to father-daughter relationship, some are sensual, some on nature having hidden emotions and feelings inside it. While reading you will feel nostalgic, loved and maybe some can relate themselves with some poems too. The language is quite simple and easy to understand which the best thing about any book is.

The poems are short and hence in few stanzas, Richa tried her level best to convey the emotions she actually wanted to convey. I must say, this book is a trivial, yet long dreamt attempt to portray love in its whole. Love, as simple, or as profound as it can be, embraces every human relationship. All through the book, various hues of love are reflected. Love, in its most innocent form, when it is between a daughter and a father. Or then, in the most sensuous form, when it is between a man and a woman. Perhaps, in its most gruesome form, when it is clasped by the chains of patriarchy. And, the most powerful of all, the kind of love where one discovers their true self- the love for one’s own being. The book deals with issues including the troubles or rather helplessness, the countless emotions that are caged in a female soul and how a woman has to come to terms with patriarchal mindset. There are poems that deal with the issue of acid victim and domestic violence.

The soul charmer is a lyrical journey of love, life, and nature. With this poetry collection, the poetess has thrown light on various aspects of love, the sublime nature of love and how the feeling changes at different levels of life. This is a collection of 34 poems. With simple and easy-to-understand language, the poetess has successfully reached out to the hearts of the readers and I can say this with absolute confidence because a non-lover of poetry that I am, I felt good while reading this book.

Love is profound! And so is the feeling conveyed through these verses. The poetess has done a commendable job in portraying all the emotions of the human mind. However, I wished for an equal distribution of poems (category-wise). Where most of the poems portrayed the emotion of love- love between a couple, Father’s love, mother’s love, etc, a sudden introduction of ‘The Beautiful Day’ doesn’t seem coherent. Love is not always about happy ending. It is about the depth and the intensity of the relationship between people written by a woman’s perspective, The soul charmer is wise and eloquent. The poems do not fail to touch emotional switch. With a subtle and soft cover, the title failed to impress me. Since love is the primary emotion captured through these verses, the title of the book could have been different. The use of vocabulary and language is simple yet influential. The poetess’ selection of words to describe the emotional chaos is remarkable.

Most of the poems are free verses and do not follow any specific rhyme scheme. Be it love, romance, seduction, adultery or passion, the poetess successfully brings to her readers the truth of each experience. Her poetry speaks of entwined yet honest passion, fierce and hungry love, devoted yet distant love and unrequited and disloyal love. The overall appeal of the book is excellent. Though I am not a poetry lover, this book was a good read, not because of the genre but because of the simplicity with which the emotions were expressed and fomented. The Soul Charmer is a compilation of 34 poems by Richa Saxena. Each and every poem is touched by the emotions that we set out in our life like love, care, sufferings, and feelings. The unique theme is set forth in different manner that inspires the reader to move further into the book.Richa’s words makes us to stand in her shoes and feel the sufferings and happiness in the same way as she felt. She has clearly produced what she tried to showcase. Her selection of words is lucid, luckily moves along with her thought and paves way for outburst of her emotion. Her words help to anticipate her inner voice. I’m pretty sure that this compilation would attract a huge mass of people.

Definitely this will be a book that deserves a superior position in the annals of poetry. Every poem is at its best but Daddy’s little princess and I am alright caught my attention and it haunts my memory. Daddy’s little princess: I wish every girl to read this poem and the words of Richa has brought out her deep hidden feelings for her dad. It is a memorable piece that reminds me of my dad and his love. I am alright: As far as everyone is concerned tears are just an overflow of our feeling. But the way Richa personified the simple tear drop took my breath away and I became submissive to her writing. Cocksure! The readers would admire the way she narrated.

The Soul Charmer as the name suggests the book charms our soul. There’s magic in Richa’s poems. These poems tingle our hearts. We should feel the rush of emotions. We will feel nostalgic. We will feel loved. Richa’s poems will show us the mirror to our true feelings. There are a few stories and poems which make us aware of those hidden feelings, emotions which are inside us. Personally the book walks me through varied emotions of life – love, longing, realisations and many others. Each poem has that unique personal touch to it which will make me feel like it has been written for me. The thing that I liked the most is the use of simple and easily comprehensible language. There aren’t fancy words used. A person having limited knowledge of English can also read and understand Richa’s verses. Secondly, the poems are short and convey its message very well. The poems I loved from this collection are: She Is The girl. The Sinful night. To the girl in love. The lifeless life. Tonight, i see you. Love me tonight. Do you love me, still? To the love of my life. The silent tormentor. To love, again. The Soul Charmer is a poetry collection that shouldn’t be missed. Our past affects our present and the way we live today affects our future. History has taught that we are to take examples from the past, and try to better our present and the future. Most of us have learnt this concept but when it comes to relationships we always falter. Our relationships form the major part of our life. Our dealings with our parents, our loved ones, relatives and friends affect us drastically.

The soul charmer a collection of poems by Richa Saxena is a testimony to the impact of relationships. It comprises of 34 inexplicable poems which are beautifully expressed through words as a painting on the Canvas, only more vivid and relatable. The poems do not follow any particular pattern. The Balladist has put more thoughts on what to portray instead of how to. The poem challenges a reader’s self thought with progression and often riots about the decisions that were forced upon it. The poems take the reader for a roller coaster ride. Sometimes jovial and sometimes gleam. But the best from the lot were the one with despondent assertion.

The book describes a special journey about all the events that a lady goes through in her life. Although, not following a constant order, it follows a pattern in story telling in a unique way through verses. They are scripted lovely and penned down with impeccable vocabulary. Some of the poems were hard to describe as they were so thoughtful that it could be very well felt, but hard to express. It is an amalgamated combination of romance, motivation and emotions which is one of the best literary works of contemporary Indian poetess.

Dreamer, a knitter and plays with words like fire.” This book showers the droplets of intense love and sentiments that has an immense connected to a human being’s life. The book clearly depicts that the author has let her heart out while penning down this book. Each and every poem is based on a different theme which clearly highlights the inspirational incidents and the long term realisations that have almost occurred in every grown up individual’s life.”Being Relatable” is what makes a creation to get itself imbibed into its readers. This is what makes a creation special, with an identical existence. The poems dwelled with several emotions of its readers. From the unfulfilled urges in one’s life to the adolescent explorations regarding love ; from stepping up and redefining bodily pleasures to the deceit and hopeless assurance of a caged soul ; from getting saturated in the fragrance of love to a strong self assurance of being alright ; from a random fondness towards the mortal world to the silent prayers for affection ; from the unhealed scars from the daunting past to the echoing soliloquies ; from the mysterious adieus to the story of a living dead ; from making out in love to feeling it’s essence ; from beckoning counterparts to the ravishing firsts – the sights, the touches ; from the awaiting love to the awaiting life ; from getting back down the memory lanes hand in hand with the first hero in a girl’s life to getting high on love ; from the unanswered queries to the ripped wounds in a fervent avalanche ; from fearless decision fall in love again to the ineffable aspirations of an eccentric heart and lastly hoping for a better tomorrow to come that indeed is a worthy message of hope for the hopeless, by the poetess.

A magnificent creation with infallible traits that leaves an everlasting scar in the soft convolutions of the untouched minds. The style and language of the poems is above average and admirable. The metaphors used in the poems are the top icing that makes the creation even more catchy and appealing. The originality of the verses along with the synchronization of putting it at the right places, in the contents of the book also adds to the pros of the book. There are no glitches. Taking about the cons of the book is almost nil except the title of the poems was felt a bit monotonous for excessive use of the word “Love”.

Synonyms would have been preferred more.
It is a poignant and meticulously selected collection of poetry which is really sweet and alluring. Covering different emotions, provoking them and melting sweetness of the imagery by the poems. The narration is really beautiful. It ranges from romance to love. More love poems can be seen in the collection. From first love to first touch. And the chemistry that still lives on.

There are some of the emotional poems that remind me of Robert Browning’s dramatic monologue. It is a device in which the poet talks to himself. Poems like The Painful memories, beyond those lofty walls, The Silent Tormentor. The characters in the poems are nature, father, mother, lover and the poet herself. She is seen as a daughter, lover, and nature admirer in these poems.

The style of writing is simple, clear and lucid. The poems are 35 in number. There are questions, irregular verses, and sensory devices. The use of figurative language is apt. Rhyme patterns are unnoticeable yet the essence of the poem remains till the end.

The Silent Tormentor is a complaint to the beloved for being harsh for a small mistake which hurts her dearly. It beseeches her lover to end the separation and talk to her again. The poem hints at a woman who is in quest of love. She feels neglected and wants to be loved by her beloved:


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