Playing Video Games Have Educational Benefits on Children

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Most of children nowadays spent most of their time playing video games in their houses compared to the past where we would go out and play with our friends at the playground. The situation has become an issue of concern to some parents due to poor academic performance of children at school. Despite all that some people argue that playing such kind of games develop the thinking capacity of children. While many parents agree to the fact that playing video games is a major degrading tool to their children’s academic performance video games can also be beneficial to children’s education in today’s world.

Video game playing can actually benefit school performance. Video games such as adventures encourage inferential, proactive thinking and problem solving. Most games require children to think quickly towards certain stages and also require quick thinking. Moreover, children have to use their logic in order to think certain steps ahead in order to solve problems and complete all levels ahead. This later helps children as they develop their logic, their accuracy and the ability to think outside the box. In addition, children can use the solving skills to solve mathematics problems in real life. They also come up with ideas needed in real life like coming up with innovation ideas. They can also help children to be good at logical thinking.

aFurthermore, Educational video games are important for individualized learning. Given that every learner is different, teachers are always looking for adequate resources that will provide every learner with an individualized learning plan. Video games allow students to learn new concepts at their own pace without having a constant overlook from parents and teachers. The experiences of the players can be tailored based on their preferences and performance. The game is automatically adjusted to present higher-level challenges after solving each problem. If they are having difficulty with a concept, then the game is tailored to present the same concept in a different manner until the student understands it. Video games balance enjoyment with an appropriate challenge level, which keeps players in an optimally engaging and challenging learning zone.

Children who play educational video games have improved visual-spatial skills. For instance, a simple game session can help learners visualize science topics in a way that helps them learn better. Children who play educational video games have sharpened visual attention skills and improved capacity to visualize 3D objects.


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