Personal Values, Money and Happiness

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Personal Values, Money and Happiness essay
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Money, being the existential item we all desire to have, controls life whether we like it to or not. The real dilemma is whther or not it affexts an idnividual’s level of happiness. However, God did not send us into this world bearing money. Thus being said, why do we feel as if we need an abundance of it to solve all of life’s inconveniences, and is it possible to buy one’s own happiness?

The source of happiness is different for every individual. However, the connection between money and the level of one’s happiness is certainly present in today’s society which has certainly become more materialistic. Individuals in today’s society feel the need to make expensive purchases because they see their favorite celebrities owning luxurious items. These material items can give one joy for a period of time, but it is only temporary.

When one’s income increases it usually has a positive effect on their level of happiness. However, when income decreases it has the opposite effect.

One’s state of living, including income, plays an important role in the argument of whether or not money relates to happiness. Everyone around the world typically receives a different income for their household; with the exception of those earning a minimum wage of course. Some incomes may be in the millions while others are in the couple thousand range. Whether the income is high or low, it certainly affects your state of living. Those who receive a lower income have limited/basic living options.

However, those who receive larger incomes have more freedom when it comes to their state of living. Paul’s research further supports the previous statements as he proclaims “Once our basic needs are met, money’s impact on our happiness has progressively less impact. If you’re a CEO on $1 million, a 5 percent pay rise isn’t going to move the happiness dial for you enormously. Yet for someone on $45,000, to get that same additional $50,000 per year would almost certainly have a big impact (Money can’t buy happiness – or can it? 2018, September 19. Age [Melbourne, Australia], p. 2. Retrieved from http://link.galegroup.com/apps/doc/A554655841/OVIC?u=oket&sid=OVIC&xid=27ed582b).” This claim supports the previous statement on.

Contrary to statements about not being able to purchase one’s happiness, there are some exceptions to the overall situation. Buying lottery tickets, in particular, and gambling are some of the exceptions that come to mind. Many individuals partake in this so-called “money ritual” where they spend money in the hope of winning more in return. Robert claims that “If we really believe money can’t buy happiness, why do so many people buy lottery tickets?

Recently I observed a queue to buy a ticket in a lottery that had jackpotted to $100 million. That lottery regularly has prizes of $20 million. Your chances of picking the correct numbers are exactly the same, yet somehow people who weren’t sufficiently motivated to buy a ticket for a potential $20 million, were stampeding the counter for an extra $80 million” (Money can’t buy happiness – or can it? (2018, September 19). Age [Melbourne, Australia], p. 2.) Robert’s statement provides valid evidence on behalf of the previous claims against not being able to buy one’s happiness.

Personal Values, Money and Happiness essay

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