Public Health Promotion

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Every country has a great motto to look after their citizen health under proper management approach and that is why the state authorised people working behind for developing the overall citizen health. According to my assignment writing requirement I will focus on public health promotion which is a great part of any state additionally, it also a great part of study by health and social care learner. Now I will try to clarify the entire requirement of this criterion which will be elaborate with different aspect of health promotion and main point will be including socio-economic part by example of specific area, its relevance government sources on inequalities, barriers in access for health care services.

How socio-economic factors effects on health: we can identify it as different way that may have clear affection on that particular sector which is mainly connected to a person or community. If we a take variable of obesity in the context of any specific zone then it will easily be draw some attention on the socio-economic condition. It could be such way- lack of physical exercises; food behaviour system can help us to find out that particular of high consumption about having high caloric food, could be less awareness of obesity problem, sleeping pattern may effected and high portion of sugar consuming, sign of food prices trends, education system may be calculable, income system clarification can help us to understand their socio-economic condition, similarly we can find the life style may changes and economic recession may be directly affected.

By looking at data analysis of JSNA (2015) about Newham borough of London shows that how the resident of this area caused some detrimental health obesity problem on the children just due to lack of physical exercises and also because of this how children have gained some sort of fat on their body. It gives us further health and food consumption about the children such as they are eating lot of fast food, sugared food, cheaper caloric stuff which may increases their obesity. Again we can see some of the children have less sleeping tendency due to high presser of study purposes. In such above way, we can see this borough zone resident become more obsessed and higher risk of health problem.

How government sources help us to find us inequality in health care: there could be some clear information about health care access or health services that cannot guarantee equal consuming by the health provider in countrywide. According to data analysis of HEALTH and LIFESTYLE SURVEY (HALS) show us this inequality of health access by gathering data about local, nationally of General Physician, practitioners’ health provides to the public for their well-being. From data of (2015, NHS) shows this gap among the general public in taking NHS services which is clearly identified. We can see the similar condition in The Acheson report that was came into light in 1998 within the context of United Kingdom under the guidance and independent inquiry by the UK government to find out what sort of gaps is increasing. After that it was gone into a public debate for long time and it’s become more powerful tool to analyse and identify the prevailing health disparity which was turned into a social class by the characteristics of health access parameter. The critics also found some more significant thing about this report is directly attributed to the community and society by its own characteristics so that may be more visible issue for this particular area of the state attention point. Mainly we can say that may be social or countrywide issue which is needed to be looked after by government authority to prevent this kind of disparity happen around the society.

Factor behind the barrier of health care access: we cannot say any specific or single thing is involved here to justify about the health care access by its general public or citizen who are mainly the major concerning group in the country and also in taking the health care services. If we look at the example of London borough of Camden area in where we can see so many variations like language-wise, ethnic-wise, people appearances wise and so on. So easily it is identifiable that the barriers may include the capacity of income, capacity of English speaking, capability of employment, the issue of cultural dissimilarity, religious practices, etc may help us to find out some major point about the reason for barriers to accessing the health care.

Suppose if we take the factor of linguistic matter, which can help us to conclude some points of this such as no proper communication happen by the different language speaker in that surrounding. So that is why this type of people may be get less right or equal opportunity in general.

Let go for the example of private service of health caring that may define or show us the income power or people earning capability of achieving more money or wealth in the society. Say for example of becoming healthier and fitness by access in gym facility in my area. First thing it could lead us to think about who can afford it and who cannot to use this facility by the means of financial power. So we must have to accept this variable as major fact of getting the private health service by this financial earning or wealth of rich people.

Another factor about this disparity may be found by the lack of education power which is mainly belong to less educated people in our society who do not have enough knowledge of basic health education. May be such as why we become more obsessed, fatty, unhappy or bad health, etc. on the other hand highly educated people is more conscious of any basic health knowledge on daily handling of our contemporary ongoing life. So this can be a great factor of this health care preventive measure or tool in the state level that is needed to address by successive policy or plan of the government. It may be done by taking the steps of making the entire citizen must have to gather the knowledge of basic health care of our daily life and whoever have this knowledge may be rewarded by offering some welfare credit to the citizen. Additionally, I can say that less educated people is no more an asset of any country but any sort of highly educated people is more powerful asset by their quality of knowledge of handling the state-wise contribution of serving toward the country in different specialised sector i.e. medical, military, aviation, engineering, etc. like engineering group of people may help to invent wheel chair which is chargeable by electric power instead of using diesel or petrol running machine.

Find the links between Government strategies and models of health promotion: this fact could be depend on the community or society preferences toward the best outcome gaining possibility that may be the main source of getting rid of any particular health improvement. There may have the chances of using maximum level of technological support, development tools of any preventive knowledge of warning to the public such as illness, sickness of any specific diseases. If we take the variable of not washing hand frequently after handling any substances of dangerous chemical that could happen something serious to me and others for miss-handling method. So obviously we need to have a look at this issue in a scrutinised way of combing for solving this health problem and firmly we have to make sure how we find the links between the government strategy and models of health care. I can strongly mention any of this connection or links is available to make it clear to you simply just by taking ‘’Health and Safety’’ matter in the context of the whole country that is a government guidance and simultaneously it is a universal legislation for the entire work places in the whole country of United Kingdom. This is a very basic law in this country which have to be implemented by the employer of any work premises and accordingly I am going to make it clarified of its link with model in below- by mentioning of health and education model and medical approach.

Health and education model can show us to understand the health promotion and its people involvement which may be including of various education steps or initiatives and the different level of effort to make its citizen to educate by providing this kind of programme. So the programme of educating people more and more can help us to find out the investment of government more helpful to protect any health of dangerous effect to the community which can be more prioritised it educated or conscious people among the society.

Medical model of health behaviour is another way of connection with the government that may have compromised ability to handle such factor in the existing society by the application of all kinds of medical opportunities available in our hand. Such as various medical programmes can be helpful to achieve the best healthy society in practical by campaigning or propagating in Medias, news paper and billboard in public places.

So this above factor could be the major things of our health and health care promotion study under the overall consideration health care academic branch of knowledge.  Let’s have a look at slogan or programme of making smoke free society which can be achieved by taking massive propaganda of united effort. In first place we can see the government legislation is active to prevent the public place free and save from smokers and simultaneously we can see smoking campaign can be helpful to make aware the bad effect of smoking in human body. This way we may have some clear idea about above mention links between government strategies and health promotion.

Now a day this health promotion topic is becoming more sensitive by its expansion different medical model and approaches. This regulation has been created with the purpose of reducing bad influence on others for smoking (Naidoo and Wills, 2009). Again the government strategy can be related to Caplan and Holland (1990) health model which can be an attention on four perspective of health approaches as the traditional, humanist, radical humanistic, and radical structural perspective. Similar approaches can be found by the Beattie health model (1991) created already which is about to find connection with government as one side is making sure their legislation is perfect to ban public place smoke free and other side is making sure that their professional, legislative actions, personal counselling and community development is increasing by it massive application in practical way of formulating the community. Some other approaches can be found by details study about health promotion topic is recommended by Tannahill and Downie (1996) model of health promotion aspect have to be justify by spheres of the health education, health protection and health prevention.

From the generalisation of different approach of government strategies and model of health style can be following the combination of five aspect of studying:

  1.  The medical approach is a new invention of application toward practical field.
  2. Behaviour change approach is to implement and apply the people individual attitudes analytics in the entire health problems.
  3. Educational model is to be an application of well educated consciousness toward the mitigation of health problem.
  4. Societal-changed approach is an understanding of physical, social, economic and surrounding environmental changed things have to be considering it value in practical behaviour of finding the variables.
  5. The client centred approached can be a complete understanding of what an individual can do, what is their knowledge’s, experiences and skills towards preventing a health problem in real situation so that it might be the case of considering for us by all of our means of effort.

How different professional can contribute to health promotion: In our modern society or government system is running by very impressive way by the use of modern good governance system, technological advancement can be useful tool to elaborate this concept accordingly by the different academician. So I can undoubtedly mention about the professional roles of health advisers, practice nurses, general practitioners, dentists, midwives, nutritionists, dieticians and other specialist doctors in the public health areas. Notably more cautious thing I can clarify explore that whenever any government take any approaches to protect any bad practices in the society which is more practical and now government is setting up target that can be resulted into a positive outcomes of a programme. Health care related professional may responsible for their performances to achieve their goal by government legislatives and guidelines.

If we look at the example of above mentioned smoking free society of the concern area of our study purpose may have we can see significant finding of it. Like as a smoking cessation officer is to offer a good practice of professional behaviour to the relevance area of application his targets and performances for achieving the goal. He can also arrange or organise health care campaign in his working area particularly to get the best result of servicing by him. Respectively we also see the health adviser and doctor’s act on their professional target to mitigate the smoking problem in where health adviser can use his knowledge’s and ability to conduct their task successfully to fill up the objectives. So also for this aspect of practical situation could be the help of health care surveys, research programme, epidemiology study, the officer of health care service may have their responsibility to fund and guide them all to implement the legislatives guidelines for the well-being of the society.

How routine work progress to healthy life living: Promoting healthy living in order to smoking cessation can be supported by healthy daily routines. So let’s go for example of this – how a person can be developed a healthy life and that need to be consider of the people how much food is consuming, how long he is sleeping, working hours, recreational behaviours, etc. have to be consider to understand about the person healthy life styles. If we have a further deep consideration about the high caloric food consumption and that is taken by some people in our society at every hour in the country daily. This analytical vision gives us more idea about how people becoming fatter and obsessed which is later reflected on health problem causes some symptoms of bad health such blood circulation obstruction, heart disease, also of course we see the health consultant help the people what to do for avoiding the obesity.

In my practical experience, I can firmly say that one of neighbour who is under guidelines of reducing body fat by doing routine exercise that he has already lose some fat after doing about 2 and a half week practice. Hopefully he will achieve his target by setting up 3 or 6 month programme for this particular reducing of fat to become slim and more fitness.

After above long discussion on health promotion, my final point is that, doesn’t only help the citizen of a country but it also help us to understand about health promotion in various way of supporting the state to sharp their general people health as healthy and more better quality of life. Moreover it can help us to grasp their better quality of economic production and it is meaning to us that their less expenditures on health care sector.

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