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Bangladesh Philosophy: Roots and Traits

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Bangladesh Philosophy: Roots and Traits essay
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Bengali Sentiment and religion dominate Bengali philosophical thought. Indian thought had very close relations to religious traditions in the past as well as in the middle Ages. Bengalis were primarily secular in their psyche that balanced and told their lives and their thoughts. Bengalis have philosophical ideas to make this world a happy, prosperous place to live in. Philosophy is an understanding which marks a distinction between the Bengalis life cycle religion in the past has a huge influence on Bengali which uses higher-self to solve the problem.

Among Bengali, Gouda purnanda, spiritual individual, Tattvamuktavali- mayavad- shatadusani is present which a book of spirituality is where worldly thoughtfulness is wide-open. Buddhist philosopher Shanta Devi is renowned for his philosophical works. The Buddhist viharas were used as a platform for education. The best of metaphysical books of the period have been extinct. Most of these are found in Tibet and central Asia. The well-known shanta rakshit atish dipankar srijan and nalandas pandit are famous for the Buddhist philosophical books. The charyapada famous book still upholds cultural theory as a grain of reality. The only cravings of these were the stimulation of body and mind. The charyapada describes the most spiritualistic devotional practices metaphysical manifestations.The Hindu Sridhar Bhakta’s famous gaudapadas is spiritual philosophy. Philosophy of the law was studied the activist and spirituality are given importance by Vaisnava philosophy. Social classes and sects are followed by early Hindu Jay dev was the only one who spoke regarding this issue of Vaishnava. Bengalis are encouraged by philosopher candidates to a devotion that leads them to the abundance of mind. Another philosopher Vaishnavism who believes love as part of existence. the god has self-contentment. Philosophy for Vaishnavism is tranquility gods servant affectionate prayer stand the five blissful for real union with God. As a revolutionary change Muslim philosophy comes in society to break the social blockade and passes equality among Bengali. Muslim rules gave Bangla Muslim scholars and Sufis work as moral issues and literature to study. They thought human need to live beings as the brotherhood. The prominent scholars like haji Mohammad Syed sultanate sheik Faiz Ullah sheik chand of the 17th century and Ali Raza described in books Islamic view and make the occult philosophical idea of the fana and Sufism and Buddhism.

The Boul philosophy and the Bengal renaissance raised by Chaitanyadev are originated as the philosophy of mystic in the 15th century. Boul philosophy practice to leave the worldly life and do not follow any religion. They believe that before knowing the god the human needs to know body first foremost priority. There is no the distinction between human beings. Vaishnavism of Buddhism who believed in devotion influenced Bengali philosophers. In Bengal a new revolution occurred known where this new awakening in a new intellectual knowledge of culture and influenced religion philosophy literature arts and politics. Ram Mohan Roy was significant Bengali that reawakening period. Spiritual belief was considered an important part of achieving greater quality of life-being on land and not from the idea of ensuring everlasting happiness in the next life. Through the discourses of great Bengali thinkers like swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore this humanism born out of faith and nurtured by reason later assumed a more coherent and broader form. Among those who followed philosophy to develop moral and human values was Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay 1838-1894 using justification and contemporary views he studied the goal of true religion was to ensure a human being s complete development and to employ such a being for the purpose of human welfare. From a contemporary perspective he mixed patriotism with the modern European philosophy and ethics of practice known as purnatabad or perfectionism. Bankimchandra delivered god does not rebirth in a human form. Liberal Muslim thinkers thankfully haji shariatullahs conservatism was reformed of the cultivate modern believed. The rationalist thinker Delwar Hossein Ahmad 1840-1913 and Syed Ameer ail 1849-1928 of Hooghly were among those thinkers who paved the way the educational,political development. This traditional religious values could not fulfill a growing society s requirements. The acquisition of knowledge was a requirement from discrimination of knowledge.

swami Vivekananda believed that the course of religion will make social changes and human welfare possible. He derived his ideas from paramhansadev. The message of love as obtained from Ramakrishna by Vivekananda by comparison was human love. Vivekananda developed a profound awareness and insight across the evolution of man societal movements and political and economic powers actions and reactions. Rabindranath Tagore regarded religion as the path to human freedom and to human values. However according to Tagore god was only an eternal extended form of humans a superman or life spirit present in humans.

In the light of philosophy the movement for academic freedom attempts to interpret religion and introduce it to establish a meaningful and prosperous life never was limited only to the 19th century renaissance nor to hindu bengali intellectuals. perhaps in the 20th century radical thought generated a huge wave among the muslim community. every intention of this community was to see various world and life problems in the light of logic instead of the conventional way. human beings are immersed in personal satisfaction at the beginning but they are slowly shifting towards service to culture nation and the world as a whole. someone who perceives this wonderful work of love can not see human divisions. nath roy was indeed a proponent including its materialist and humanist philosophy. this individual was influenced by the spirit of human freedom very early in his life. he said was intended to free the harassed person from all exploitation and oppression of all kinds. in 1947 in the culmination of modern humanism he announced that his ideology was not founded on fundamentalism or blind faith but on rationalism and sound principles. manabendranath strongly believed that the revolutionary movements could not relieve the peoples miseries and protect their independence as a whole. Alternatively he felt a thorough cultural revival or reawakening was required. He wrote many books to describe his theories including from savagery to civilization the indian message and science and superstition. He helped set up the indian renaissance institute in 1947 whose purpose was to restore human dignity and to demonstrate how oppressed human beings could achieve freedom and peace. In his opinion proper philosophy is always the philosophy of life and pure theory is a philosophy that has no connection to existence. He set a brilliant precedent by taking religion down into the real world from the ivory tower and applying it to the needs of ordinary human beings. Without life there could be no theory.

Philosophy as an everlasting source of beneficial motivation and tried to analyze it in the sense of the common man s broader existence. The philosophy was a man’s innate curiosity about life and a genuine desire to make it enjoyable and wonderful.


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Bangladesh Philosophy: Roots and Traits essay

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