Overcome and Understanding a Fear

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Definition of a fear according to oxford dictionary is bad feeling you have when you are in danger, when something bad might happen or when somebody frightens you. Fear is an emotional response to threats and everyone has experiences about fear, actually the real fear can help your safety by warning you of potentially dangerous situations. However, there are times when fear exceeds the limits and disturbs our daily lives. For example we don’t have confidence when interacting with other people and that prevents us from doing many things. Therefore there are things you can do to overcome your fears to minimize their impact on you. And here I want to tell you about several ways to overcome a fear; understanding your fear, interacting with your fear, facing your fear, and take advantage of a fear.

Firstly you should understand your fear to overcome it, why should be like that? Because it is the basic to solve the problem. Fear is a natural thing for everyone, for example fear when first entering work, then fear when speaking in public, and others. If fear has begun to affect your life or even take over your life like you often feel anxious and that causes you difficulty in carrying out activities then it is to be a big problem. By knowing our fear you can avoid the fear and it is reasonable. Fear is a natural response that occurs due to certain events, so to anticipate our fears we must know what we fear. Ex..

Secondly is you should interact with your fear, the fear that is in everyone is sometimes easier to ignore or deny. But if we continue to feel excessive fear, courage cannot arise. If we want to have courage then you must accept fear that must be overcome. By acknowledging the fear of ourselves, we have taken steps to try to control the situation. Besides, try to understand your fear because if you understand it will get better. For example when you feel afraid of something then try to find out about all these things and whatever can trigger them. After that try to think positively like ‘if I am not afraid of going up the mountain then I can enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the mountain’ so that it can reduce your fear.

Thirdly is facing your fear. Most fear comes from wrong thoughts or thoughts that tend to lead to negative things. An example is when you want to cross the road, you are afraid because you think if I cross the road maybe I will get hit by a motorbike or even a car. To face the fear, we must identify this mindset, and start to change it. Do some research through the internet and understand the actual risks compared to the risks you imagine. Start rearranging your mind so that you don’t always imagine a disaster, and start fighting it with positive thinking. When your fear arises then try to relax and think about positive things, fight negative thoughts and say something that can make you brave.

The last is take advantage of a fear, a fear may obstruct us in doing activities, but there are things that we can take as benefits. If we can change the negative value of fear into a positive value then the fear we have will actually be an advantage for us. For example when you find something new and you are afraid of it, and then make it an encouragement to find out more about it. Sometimes fear has amazing power in a precarious situation. Some people say that when they are in fear, they feel the time they are walking goes slowly, their senses also become sharper, the best they can do something quickly based on instinct.

Every people have a fear and it is reasonable, but we must overcome it because sometimes it can disturb us. From text above we can conclude, there are four ways to overcome a fear, those understand your fear, interacting with your fear, facing your fear, and taking advantage of a fear. Furthermore in my opinion those ways can help you to overcome a fear.

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