Oppression and Intersectionality

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Oppression is a day to day problem for many groups in a community and gets more complicated when intersected. Intersectionality is the study of intersections between different disenfranchised peoples or peoples of minorities. Specifically, the study of the interactions of many structures of oppression or discrimination. Even if a man is privileged in patriarchal society of USA intersectionality will exist in case of a gay black man. Oppression become complicated also when femininity and religion cross in the matter of a Muslim woman in an Islamophobic misogyny society. There is a special situation that one can be hold down in one way and privileged in the other way instead of experiencing the overlapping of oppression in case of gay white man in a patriarchal society that favors’ whiteness.

A Muslim woman will have two identities such as her sex and religion which will make her to face oppression in both ways and result in intersectionality and eventually makes the oppression more complex. First, she must deal with the misogyny in American culture from the intellectual belittling of women or the continues chorus of women being viewed only as emotional. Secondly, she must deal with the discrimination that comes from being Muslim in the society which perceived the ideology of Islam and considering Muslim people are dangerous and a potential threat for the community. On the other hand, she doesn’t have an identity to be privileged in such community. I am a black immigrant woman having multiple identities that describe me in terms of gender, race and citizenship status. Obviously, it is known that female with the same identity of mine are facing oppression and it gets even more complicated when these interfaces or intersected. In this regard I don’t have any experience of privilege from the community.

My identities place me in a position of oppression as a black immigrant woman. The oppression I’ve experienced as a result of my diversified identity happened in my work place. I and one of my co-workers who is also from Africa face a lot of problem just because of our identities. They treat us like slaves because normally our unit in one shift is cover by three persons but whenever we are in the schedule, they put only two persons. whenever I asked my supervisor to assign one more person, she always told me that no need of extra individual and two people can manage it and she believes we are doing a great job. But this makes me feel bad and gradually become hating my work place.

I will use my knowledge of intersectionality in my daily life to help others to examine oppression further and finding different ways to fight it in organized way through creating an opportunity for alliance and unity for victims of the same in working together to struggle against oppression and get their freedom.

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