One Door Away From Heaven Novel Analysis

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The novel of One door away from heaven entertains the readers of all ages and keeps engaging in surprising turns and twists. Once someone starts reading the novel, it is very difficult to leave it without finishing, as it keeps users on the edge of the seat with every page. This beautiful novel knows how to create curiosity for readers, no matter what you like in fiction and novels.If you’re a major fiction fan you will already have this novel. One Door Away from Heaven is a pretty novel with a great plot and powerful characters. The author of the novel “Dean Koontz” used amazing quotes that have lyrical and relatable descriptions .

In this novel, I would say friendship is the dominant theme-the love, empathy, acceptance and support of true friends. Those themes in the novel of One Door Away From Heaven show true love and true friendship. When it came down to that of a social worker, the author seemed to stick to a sense of reality. He really made the whole book come alive. When Michelina Bellsong risked her life in order to help the nine-years old girl from her crazy drug addict mother, and her step-father killer, that showed us the support of true friends. Unfortunately, this family situation / problem doesn’t happen only in stories or novels, but it also happens in real life .

It was an adventurous book, fun and exciting. Especially at the end, it had my adrenaline pumping, but I felt the book required a lot of patience, I had to keep reading to get to the better bits, or that’s how it seemed to me. I confess though I’m interested in reading more of this author’s books now, because I like his writing style.The novel of one Door Away From Heaven was published by the author Dean Knootz and released in 2001 , the genre of the novel is thriller, Suspense, Horror fiction novel, it has six hundred six pages . The novel of One Door Away From Heaven was the first US edition, and also, was printed in the United States Of America.

The novel was published simultaneously in the United States Of American and Canada. Door Away From Heaven introduces a young woman, Micky Bellsong, searching for meaning in her troubled life.When she meets the radiant Leilani Klonk, a child whose physical handicaps can not quench her mind, Micky finds the purpose she so desperately needs unexpectedly.

She decides to change the course of her turbulent life at twenty-eight, but can’t find her way until a new family arrives in the rental trailer next door and she meets the young girl who will lead her on a extraordinary journey that will change Micky herself and everything she knows — or feels she knows forever. The young girl’s step father is a killer and her mother is a drug addict, the father killed his son on his birthday, and now it’s the young girl’s turn when her 10th birthday comes so bellsong decided to help this young girl.

Awesome book. I Really recommend reading it. One Door Away From Heaven is in my top five of my favorite books.


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