Types of Fiction Genres Narrative Essay

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A type of art, music and literature grouped together by a specific content, form and style? Genre is a type of way authors and young writers express their feelings and thoughts in a different type of manner. Genre lets authors tell their story for better understanding to readers. It’s necessary, for genre to be part of every piece of writing. Genre helps readers know what type of story the author is telling.

In addition, its necessary for readers to tell the category of genre they are reading, in other for the message to be cleared to them. Different genres have different roles they play in a story. And it’s important if readers understand the genre. For example, fiction helps students and readers learn and improve communication skills. Different genres play important roles. In addition, a poetic genre, enhanced imaginative and emotional power of the readers. Further, the major function of genre is to establish behavior between the writers and readers and keep the audience informed about the topic discussed.

Having a non-realistic imaginative story to read about especially, having to read about things that are not real its intriguing and fun. Even more, things that are not real come to life meaning everything is possible u can tell readers the unthinkable and u can bring the unthinkable to life. This type of genre is fiction. In this essay it will mainly focus on the aspects of fiction and how authors have used this to tell stories to readers and bringing the unthinkable to life.

Fiction Exploration

​Fiction has categories that are realistic, non-realistic and semi fiction. Fiction work is imaginative, and authors use as a type of complex language to touch readers imaginations. It’s a general term used to describe imaginative work either novel, novella or short story.

The meaning of fiction keeps changing because non-fiction works sometime contains imaginative elements making it hard to tell whether it’s a fiction or non-fiction in books like Midnight the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. Which tells a story about local characters as they live their daily life during a nationally informs murder trial. The author uses elements of fiction in a non-fiction novel.

Showing the power of genre being about to be imaginative at the same time tell a non-fiction story. It’s an intriguing way the author chose to tell the story. In addition, novel such as Dutch by Edmund Morris which is a biography and words spoken by Reagan, all of his recounted thoughts and acts and those of every historical character in the text matters of fact and record. This novel is a prime example of fictionalization. However, a work of fiction is the writer’s imagination coming true and expression.

Fiction in Life

Fiction has different types, there are fiction books the authors write to attract a broad audience with excludes mystery, romance, science fiction and so many more. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a different type of fiction book that uses romantic fantasy to reach the heart of millions of readers. Written in a short easy to read style, the book tells a story about a wedding anniversary that goes from having a good time to a tragedy. Someone disappears from their home in North Carthage, Morori. It’s a complex fictional story that tells a story of marriage in crisis until Amy, a native New Yorker disappeared.

Moreover, we have the type of fictional story that tends to appeal to a smaller intellectually audience. A work of this fiction falls into subgenres with excellent writing, originality of thought and style. An example of this type of fiction is The Handmaidens Tale by Margaret Atwood on of my all-time favorite novels. It tells a story of a Handmaid Offred described by the author, handmaidens’ job is supposed to have kids with commanders they are assigned to. In fact, they are not allowed any contact with their baby, the baby is then given to the wife of the commander.

Offred goes through a patrilocal society, with her attempt is to gain individualism and independence from the world they live in. The novel is an originality of thought and style which tells the tale in two parts, night and various events. It’s a story that readers will enjoy based on the approach the author took to establish the story. The tales has so many sections such as shopping, waiting room, household and many more that describe the possible life of every handmaid. Through the perceptive of Offred. Offred perceptive is in the past and present making the novel interesting. In addition, understanding the novel better.

Furthermore, to the different types of fiction. Fiction is more narrowed into different categories of fiction. These categories are classified as genre fiction. Each genre has its own set of rules and conventions. For example, if you are a voracious reader of mysteries, you should look futures into who your favorite mystery writer is. If you can’t get enough of romances, that may because you have the type of mind for love. Indeed, look into the different classifications of genre fiction.


Mystery is a popular genre, boasting a huge established audience. Most mysteries focus on a crime, most of the time murder. The novels tend to center in the attempts on a detective-type to find ways and go on mystery and ways to solve a crime. Most authors put the climax near the end to make the novel more entertaining and for better understanding.

Novels such as Look Alive Twenty-Five by Stephanie Plum explores mystery by telling a story of people who vanished from earth, but the only clue they have of solving the mystery was a shoe that was left behind. Furthermore, the police are baffled, Lula the main character is convicted in the case of alien abduction. The author uses mystery to solve the toughest puzzle of Stephanie Plumb career. Mystery explores the story for better understanding and one of the most entertaining genres to read.


Romance is a huge category in fiction genre aimed at diverting and entertaining women. In romance novels, it establishes fiction elements of fantasy, love, naivete, extravagance and adventure. Authors most of the time develop romance using a heroic lover overcoming impossible odds to finally settle with his true love. If you enjoy a dash of mystery, then romantic novels are meant for you. However, society is changing in this modern society romance is reflected different. Romance is nowadays push to sexual candor, if readers are looking for this type of romance then consider reading contemporary romance.

Romantic novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey by E L. James establishes sexual candor to prove the romantic genre in. The story Fifty Shades of Grey is a prime example of modern-day romance novels based aground sexual candor. Fifty Shades of Grey tells a story of a student Anastasia goes to an interview and meets young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is handsome, brilliant and intimidating.

Grey admits he wants her, too. They began to get close, Grey is unable to resist Ana beauty. Grey is a man tormented by demons and communed the need to control others. When to couple goes on their sexual and passionate physical affair, Ana discoverers Grey dark desires. The author uses the field of romance writing, to provide exact reading guidelines to give readers for better understanding.


Many others may argue, that picking a genre such as fiction and sticking to it throughout the whole novel or story is not the right path to take a novel to because it doesn’t give more room to develop the story. But, in my opinion genre is the feeling of your mood. You can feel a little mysterious or adventurous and u could write in that genre based on your feelings. Genre helps translate our feels directly.


Conclusively, the fiction genre is a place where thoughts come to life. It gives author more room to explore and turn the story and it keeps readers on their seat wanting more and not predicting what is going to happen. I hope young writers take this approach to tell and develop stories.


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