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One Door Away From Heaven Novel Analysis

The novel of One door away from heaven entertains the readers of all ages and keeps engaging in surprising turns and twists. Once someone starts reading the novel, it is very difficult to leave it without finishing, as it keeps users on the edge of the seat with every page. This beautiful novel knows how…



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History of American Novel in the 19th Century

“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson. Though novels have been around for hundreds of years, the American novel didn’t come about until the 17th century. The 19th century was also when novels really gained traction in America. During this time it went…

American Literature,



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“Double Identity”, a Novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix

A mystery that leaves the reader with more questions the deeper they enter the text, Double Identity, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, consist of many literary devices that make the book irresistible to read. For example: the narration of the book is in first person point of view by Bethany Cole, the main character, or protagonist…



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Understanding of Novel as a Literary Genre

The novels originated from the Italian word ‘novel’ in the early 18th century, which was used to refer to stories in the Middle Ages. Its identity has evolved and is now considered a prose-style novel with more than 50,000 words. The novel focuses on the development of characters, not the plot. In any school, it…

Literary Genre,



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Analysis of Die Zeilenesseniss in the Novel “Brodeck” by Philippe Claudel

In the novel, Brodeck, Philippe Claudel devotes two brief, but impactful segments of the novel to the minor character Die Zeilenesseniss. In these, this authoritative figure is portrayed as both a murderer and nurturing mother while in the concentration camp, suggesting that human beings have the capability to personify both good and evil, depending on…



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Novel “Bless Me Ultima” by by Rudolfo Anaya

Anaya uses syntax to create somewhat of a flow and or rhythm with short sentences appearing creating a passage with then the dialogue within or after to compliment the short sentences and give them much more detail and practicality as well as another way of interpreting the text. I will be using passage 2 which…



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“Perfect Chemistry” Novel by Simone Elkeles

Simone Elkeles (born April 24th, 1970) is an American author. She was born and raised in the Chicago area. Simone is a New York Times Bestselling young adult author. And, USA Today bestselling author. She is known for her teen romance “Perfect Chemistry” trilogy and “How to Ruin” trilogy. She started writing in 2000, her…



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Moshid Hamid’s Novel “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”

Moshid Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a novel narrated by the monologue of the protagonist where he tells his story. The novel raises the central question of what drives young educated men from the West to join Al Qaeda. The novel is constructed through two stories. The first of the two is about Changez’s experience…



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Don’t you hate it

Don’t you hate having two heads? That is the name of this short novel under the genre of Crime and fiction. The short novel is written by the author Christine Poulson, and It’s a modern crime story. Christine Poulson is a British art historian and crime novel author and is well known for her detective…



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Hemann Hesse’s Novel Siddhartha in the Light of Vedant Philosophy  

Introduction From time immemorial, man has been seeking the purpose of his life. Piles of books, especially on theology, have been trying to answer the questions that the man has been searching for. They have found solace in the many religious scriptures. Among many religious philosophies, Vedant philosophy is one of the most accepted and…




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