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Motivation Letter to Corvinus University of Budapest

Dear Sir/Madam, As a matter of a brief introduction, I am Rana Safarova, studying Bachelor’s degree 4th course in Industry Management at Azerbaijan State University of Economics and this is a letter for supporting my application to Master’s Degree program at the Corvinus University of Budapest. İn 2015, I got admitted to Azerbaijan Technical University…



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Letter to My Friend

Dear friend, I have wanted to write you this letter for a while, but haven’t been able to find the words until recently—mostly because I don’t want to offend. But please, don’t think for a moment that I don’t often think of the struggles y’all are facing. Each time I post a picture on Facebook…



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Letter to Le Cordon Bleu

Dear Sir or Madam, With this letter, I would like to express my interest in applying for the Grand Diplôme at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa. I love food, it is simply a way of life. Words cannot fully express my deep admiration for the culinary arts. Cooking and being in the kitchen sparks joy and…



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Appeal Letter

Members of the Admissions Committee, Today I find myself in the very difficult position of writing this letter of appeal to you. I am sure that literally thousands of parents and students alike have written similar sentiments to the admissions department at Hackensack-Meridian’s School of Medicine at Seton Hall in the past few months. I…


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Letters Writing during Wartime

Communication methods have changed exponentially in the last century, from radio and newspapers, to televisions, letters, and telephones, to modern day internet and wireless technology. Soldiers in America’s earliest conflicts did not have the luxury of letter writing as it was cost prohibitive. Today’s soldiers enjoy instant communication with phone and video capabilities. In between…



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Motivation Letter to Georg-August University

To Whom It May Concern: With this letter, I am applying for a position in the Masters of Cardiovascular Science programme, offered at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. With my current experience as a Radiologist, I wish to expand my knowledge of Cardiovascular Science and turn all my focus into it. By reading the course curriculum available online,…



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How to write a Professional Invitation Letter

When you want busy professionals and business people to attend your event, it is important to do so in writing. Businesses and organizations invite guests to luncheons, grand openings, anniversaries, and many other business-related events. A business event invitation is written by an individual or entity organizing or hosting an event. Such an invitation is…



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Letter to Andrew Hartman

Dear Mr. Hartman, After reading “A History of The Culture Wars: A War For The Soul Of America”, in order to improve the understanding of culture wars, Robin D. G. Kelley’s “Yo’ Mama’s Disfunktional!: Fighting the Culture War in Urban America” proved essential to understanding this topic. Throughout the book, Kelley provides insight on the…



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Persuasive Letter to the People of Palestine and the Media that has Forsaken You

Since 1948, Palestine has continued to struggle for freedom and equality. Palestinians continue to die, but the media stays silent. Blood sheds, but no words are spoken, and no action is being taken. So my question is— where has the humanity gone? To my people, my words will never be enough compared to what you…


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Letter of Explanation to Confederation College in Canada

Dear Sir/Madam, Firstly, I would like to say thank you for your time and consideration of my study visa application. My name is Nhi Yen Nguyen. I write this letter in order to express my interested in obtaining a Study Permit in Canada with the intention of carrying out a Post-Secondary course called Tourism-Travel and…

College Education,


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