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New York City in Painting Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hopper

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New York City in Painting Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hopper essay
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Early Sunday Morning is an essential painting by Edward Hopper. Hopper piece title Early Sunday Morning ( Edward Hopper 1930) represents the “almost a literal translation of Seventh Avenue”. This piece was made in 1930 a depiction of the bare essential street in New York City. The current location of the piece is in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. The piece is oil on canvas and is known to be one of Edwards most emblematic paintings. In my research, I learned that Hopper is known as a quintessential American realist of the twentieth century. His paintings are fundamentally representational and this work establishes his importance on simplified forms, pictorial surfaces, and thoughtfully constructed compositions.

In the painting, the sky looks clear with no clouds in sight, you can only see a shade of white on the right side. You can see there are much taller buildings next to this structure that is forming a shadow. The fire hydrant and pole are also forming a shadow indicate that the sun is rising from the right. The building structure is created of interesting series of horizontal, vertical, thick and thin lines. The shadows have created a dark shape in the pavement that created an interesting art. The Barbershop pole painted white, red, and yellow and the fire hydrant is a matter that disrupt the horizontal line of the buildings. The building in view is a two-story building that expands across the length of the street. You can see the arch on the building just above the hanging sign.

Above the small shops are rows of perhaps apartments. On the top right you can also see there is a dark shadow cast by a taller building, which seems flat in the surface. The windows have curtains, some are white while others are yellow. The architecture of the long windows is the same size and rectangular shapes. The color of the shops is light green with large square windows. The sunshade in the businesses is yellow and light blue looked to be free-form. You can see the warm colors of the light and the red surfaced second story. The first story of the building is a light green which demands your attention. Both bottom and top structures are all dark inside. The gold colored titles of the business are all illegible.

The point of view of the painting is from the other side of the street. He intended to show that the building was continuing to both directions. The two-story property directs the viewer’s eyes the red brick with windows, some looked to be open and others are closed, their shape is rectangular. Each window in the top section of the building looks different in color. Some individuals have their windows and curtains either open or closed.

This classic cityscape painting is of the early morning. Which explains why businesses are not opened and why the street is without human activity. The absence of any people gives the painting a calm feeling like the only sound insight could be of the wind or birds chirping.

Hopper effectively shows the calmness and slowness of the emotion of the painting with only the architecture and the way he masterfully allows the light to take over the scene. The unity and variety are complementary, all elements in this art belong together. He perfectly illustrates the peaceful mood of the street scene in Early Sunday Morning, the smooth style captures the feeling of the time when it was created.

New York City in Painting Early Sunday Morning by Edward Hopper essay

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