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Describing Ones Own Identity by Drawing Examples from Several Literary Works

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What is identity? We know from intuitive self-awareness that personal identity exists. It seems to be a fact of conscious life, as common as the word “.” But the real question is how to define it? have come to realize that there is no set deinition on what makes an identity, so if my understanding…

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Drawing Pictures for Ovids The Art of Love 1

Pages 5 (1 191 words)


For my final project I created a book that illustrates and gives color to the steps Ovid gives his readers. I chose to do this to show how two different art forms can come together, and give the same message. Each page had a quote from The Art of Love l and I drew a…

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Painting ‘The Black Nazarene of Quiapo’ as Portrays of Filipino Culture

Pages 6 (1 448 words)



The black Nazarene of Quiapo is a great painting portrays Filipino culture and one of the religious feast in the Philippines. Based on the title “The Black Nazarene of Quiapo” In the painting, we can see plenty of people gathering around. A statue black Nazarene carrying a cross kneeling wearing a red dress, while it…

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Renaissance Christianity in Madonna of the Clouds, Virgin and Child With Saint John the Baptist and Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin

Pages 7 (1 588 words)


From late antiquity onward, Christianity was essential to European art culture, and the life of the Virgin and Christ is understood as an expression of Christian doctrine. This demonstrates the popularity of scenes from Christ’s life in especially in European Renaissance art, while also remaining loyal to biblical tradition. It is often assumed that such…

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The Impact and Importance of Engineering Drawings

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Engineering Drawings Engineers did some of the most famous technical drawings, and this was because they had the particular skill to bring meticulously out a representational model of anything with the precision that it deserved. For engineers to come up with any physical structure where it being a new invention or something that exists, they…

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Mental Illness Drawing the Line Between Sanity and Insanity

Pages 4 (841 words)


Due to the nature of how madness is perceived, it cannot be truly discermed or differentiated from normal behavior. With what litle knowledge there is concerning the anatomy, physiology, and metabolic processes of the brain when it is relatively healthy or relatively unhealthy, only one statement can be made about a person’s psychological state for…

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A Description of the Beginning of the Start of the Art Form of Drawing

Pages 4 (849 words)


It has been strongly believed that writing started from the art fom of drawing. Before writing was developed, ancient humans made use of materialistic objects and simple draWings to make records of many different things such as their population, properties, harvests, bags, their wars with other tribes and other important events. These early drawings could…

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A Critique of Drawing of Traditional Maori Tattoo, an Art by Sydney Parkinson

Pages 3 (656 words)


For this assignment, I chose to read Chapter 3.5 about the art of Africa and the Pacific Islands. Within this chapter, I chose Sydney Parkinson’s Drawing of traditional Maori tattoo. The style of art this realism because it closely represents a person who could have actually existed and look the way that they are depicted…

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Analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s Painting of The Last Supper

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Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ painting is one of the most well-known and recognisable paintings of the Renaissance period. Leonardo da Vinci was best known for his spectacular artwork as he created some of the most famous paintings in the world. I have chosen to study Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper…

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Madonna and Child, Paolo Veneziano’s Interpretation

Pages 11 (2 615 words)



In the month of October, me and my family went to the Norton Simon Museum (NSM) so I could work on my art history college homework. The guidelines say I need to make an analysis on a painting and its artist. We looked around the museum for a long time before I could find a…

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Painting is thought to be the language of hands, and it has a complete world hidden in itself. The lovers of painting have created masterpieces in history, and we have several historical examples where people get famous due to their paintings. What if you want to write some painting essay? We are here to assist you in all the ways as we have expertise in writing the best essays on different topics. Our expert writers have written many essays on this topic, and you can study any of the painting essay example. These examples will provide you with the data and give you insight into the topic, which will ultimately help you write the best essay on painting. So, you do not need to wait and start reading all the examples of the essays, and once you are done with the reading, you will find yourself in a comfortable position to write the essay on painting.

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