My Writing Journey

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Every day we walk past a hundred story ideas. From the tall grass on the lawn, to the new paintings hanging on the hallway, and the vacant cube in the office – everything is a potential topic. At some point in our lives, we are all asked to write. Some chose to pursue it while some chose a different path. Nonetheless, inside each of us lies an untold story waiting to be told. My writing journey has taken me from writing because I needed to, to personal storytelling, and will eventually take me to capturing, and inspiring its readers.

In the past, my writing focused on the topics given for papers we were required to submit at school. I contributed to elementary school newspaper as a Literary Editor. Our school newspaper adviser would give each of us our topics and would guide us how to start writing our paper. Similarly, I contributed articles in our high school newspaper. Though I was not a member of the high school newspaper club, the club adviser would ask me to write down how I felt, or what my thoughts were about the most recent school event and put them into writing. Also, Writing was a subject at school from elementary to high school. Topics and due dates were given, and we were expected to pass the paper before or on the due date. Writing as a requirement may not be as fun as others, but it was the time when I learned a lot about writing.

Now, my writing is personal storytelling. I write depending on my mood on a day or a weather. For instance, I tend to write about reasons why I feel sad when the weather is gloomy. Moreover, I write to keep the memory alive. For example, I have a notebook where I write about the event I am attending, how I feel towards it, and how I see people reacted during the event. Similarly, I write because I enjoy writing without the pressure of being recognized by anybody. For example, I can easily choose the topic I want to write about and edit the papers whenever I want to. This part of my journey is where I do not feel any pressure of committing mistakes which makes it easier to write down everything I want to express.

In the future, I want my writing to capture, and inspire people through life. I want to stimulate children to write and show them how their voices can be heard through writing. Children’s innocence can teach us how to be appreciative of small things. Similarly, I want to motivate people of my age who has been wanting to write to start writing. I want to make them realize that there is a reason why they doubt they can write. Moreover, I want to encourage old people to write about their lives because the younger generations need them. Tuesdays with Morrie inspired me to become a good person thus, wanting to make an impact to young people like I was before reading the book. In the future, I want my writing to make everyone feel that each of us plays an important role on everyone’s writing journey.

My writing began as a requirement at school which I needed to pass, to personally storytelling, and will eventually capture my readers’ soul giving them an inspiration to write.

Every writer stared on a blank page for hours, and days before they finally started in scripting. Every writer struggles to come up with a good paper by making hundreds of revisions before publishing their work. A writing journey never starts easy. It always starts with an eye that see, a heart that feels and a hand willing to transcribe.


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