My Way In Computer Science Application

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In 2017, after l completed studying a degree in Computer Science, l got promoted to become an Assistant Systems Administrator. After working for a couple of weeks, l noted that the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation was being hampered by an array of drawbacks. I noticed that the organisation was using obsolete information technology infrastructure and the staff were neglecting using the available infrastructure. Though the organisation generated a lot of records, recording keeping was being done manually resulting into duplication of records. Retrieving a record was a torrid task to accomplish when assigned a duty of records retrieval. The Organisation’s departments are geographically separated, thus information sharing was being done manually which was time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, the majority of the staff disliked using computers due to lack of basic skills and knowledge of using computers.

I conducted a research meant revealing drawbacks which laden the smooth running of the organisation. In a bid to improve efficiency l came up with pertinent findings of buying new computers, networking the entire organisation and creating a database. The first day l presented my idea to the management; they turned down my idea. On another day during a monthly meeting I deliberate on how my idea was going to benefit the organisation. I was then tasked to draft an implementation plan on how l was going to initiate the proposed idea.To gather data, I drafted and distributed questionnaires to the majority of staff. The findings were interesting since the majority were against my idea. To win them over, I was given a slot to make a presentation. I articulated on the importance of discarding the old systems and everyone got enlightened on the merits of my idea. Subsequently new computers were purchased and networked. I created a database using Ms Access and records are now centrally stored. To ensure that everyone attains a skill and knowledge of using computers, l coordinated and conducted a two week course. My fellow workmates are now enjoying the fruits of my idea. Networking computers have saved a lot of money and time. Instead of purchasing printers for all departments a single printer was purchased to service the entire organisation. Information and software sharing is now through a click of button. Records are being stored centrally, record duplication was eliminated and record retrieval is no longer time consuming.

To embrace change is an uphill task to accomplish especially if you are a junior. To influence the management and old staff to appreciate the new comer’s idea, it calls for a total determination meant to successfully implement a new idea.

The Chevening Scholarship will further enhance my leadership skills and prepare me for to become a better Systems Administrator upon returning home. Technology is now moving at an alarming rate, as such l have to align myself academically in an endeavour to develop my Country towards technology advancement.


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