My Professional Goals in Business

Updated July 12, 2022

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My Professional Goals in Business essay

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My professional goals will be fulfilled and served by my intended program at Illinois once I apply it in a real-world business venture that I am planning to set up after I graduate. I am very business-minded and I have always been interested in business. I believe that employment is not for me and that my calling has always been to set up a company or a number of companies in order to serve the populace better, create jobs, and be as productive a business man as I can be in my lifetime.

I have always wanted to venture into business since childhood. I have always been fascinated by the dynamics of economics and the process of buying and selling, producing products or adding value to raw materials, and then selling them not only for profit but also to improve the human condition. I have always been passionate about providing useful, enjoyable and good products and selling them to people. This process serves me, my family, my community, and the world.

I believe that if a business is set up and operated for the sole purpose of profit, it is not a good business and it should not prosper. The real purpose of business is to provide something that its customers need. This can be in the form of a product or a service, but it is always something that benefits the person who buys or pays for it. I do not believe in creating artificial demand for useless or non-essential products that do not contribute to the growth of individuals and communities. I do not believe in wasting effort, brain power, and resources to produce superfluous and useless commodities. I believe that the creative power of humans should be harnessed for the service of humanity’s ultimate evolution and advancement.

In my time in the University, should I be accepted, I aim to mold myself into the perfect businessman – the kind that serves the people, takes others’ welfare before my own, and does not focus on profit alone. By providing the most excellent product or service I am capable of giving, I believe that my due reward will come afterwards, and in abundance. By focusing on profits first and service second, I believe that rewards will be less in the end. By focusing on serving the people, all my internal and external needs will be met, with more to spare.

My interest in my second choice major has something to do with my primary interest. Business and economics go together, and one cannot do without the other. The concept of business has to do with providing a product or service and successfully selling and marketing it to people. It is driven by the dynamics of supply and demand, all the other factors which affect the target market, local and global political conditions and laws, and ultimately, profit and financial growth.

A major in Economics will provide me the background I need to understand and apply business principles after graduation. It will help me understand why things happen in situations concerning business and trade.

Primarily, I want to focus on service and providing for the needs of the community first. I first want to make sure that my product or service is the best and is the most excellent commodity I can offer. Personal prosperity and profit can come later. I am sure that if I focus all my attention in providing the most excellent product or service, I will get the profits I deserve. A sound knowledge in Economics will provide me the tools I need to fulfill my dream.

My Professional Goals in Business essay

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