My Personal Experience with Volunteering

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It didn’t happen all at once, it was more of a slowly developed appreciation and love for it.

I knew I wanted to change the world but I had no idea how I was going to achieve this feat. After all I’m one person and how can a lonely individual like me impact the world enough in order to incite change. I didn’t find out that the answer to this question was very simple and straightforward until years later.

I got my first taste of volunteering when I was about 11 years old. I used to go to a Saturday school every weekend and one week my teacher was asked by a small organization which was hosting a neighborhood cleanup to help them pick up debris and clutter from the areas close to us. Watching as everyone in our group was smiling and having fun as we were picking up the litter made me enjoy the whole experience.

However, nothing changed me as much as when we got back to the cleanup center and the owner of the organization thanked each one of us individually. It may have been small but it was the start of my journey to answering the question I had all along.

After a couple more run ins with volunteering I came to find out that its not doing the work that I love most, It’s the feeling I get when I know that I am helping people in some way shape or form. This revelation did not happen all at once however, it was more of a slowly developed appreciation and love for it.

Not much later I stumbled upon some profound knowledge that changed me into the person who I am today. Don’t worry about changing the world because it all starts with you. Once you make a change in your life, move on to changing your friend, or your sibling. Once you change them you can move on to the rest of the community. Then you can move on to the neighboring towns and now you’ve got the whole city to change. You can then keep moving up the ladder and the next thing you know you have changed the entire world, but it all starts with you.

Volunteerism combines two of my biggest goals in life; to help people, and to change the world. It has taught me that as an individual, despite what many would tell you, that you are not powerless. In fact, we have great amounts of potential to change the world, even if it may be small.

I am now involved in countless volunteer organizations like National Honor Society and Franklin Volition Youth along with many hours volunteering at the Muslim Community and Health Center. Volunteering has become a huge part of my life and I continue to enjoy it more everyday. Volunteering is something I will definitely continue doing throughout my life whether it be through soup kitchens, neighborhood cleanups and even helping non profit organizations.

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