My Long-Term Career Goal as a Human Resource Manager Personal Essay

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My name is Hang, and I am from Vietnam. Family and friends say that I am a friendly, enthusiastic person and always have a positive attitude in life. When I was in high school, I was an active member who ever participated in school activities. Also, I was the captain of the school volunteer group. Because I had many opportunities to develop my strengths early, I realized the career that I expected in the future. Currently, I am preparing a two-year course for my Human resource management at Houston Community College, and I will transfer to the University of Houston to get a bachelor’s degree.

I want to become a good manager in Human Resource in a large company. Based on the Strengths Quest assessment, five of my greatest strengths are includer, communication, positivity, woo, and restorative. These reviews are the same as what people often comment on me so that I am hugely confident about this career choice because I know the strengths of myself. I am an includer because I want to include people and make them feel part of the team. I know how to connect each member of the team to create a large group. Human resource management will interact and work directly between people and people with the primary goal of developing a company’s human resources.

That requires people working in the field of human resources need to know how to assess capacity and have the correct orientation for developing the ability of employees. In fact, each person has its strengths and weaknesses, so developing human resources, promoting the qualities of an employee to improve the overall development of the business is the key to appreciate Human resource management capacity of an administrator. Also, the remaining strengths, such as communication, positivity, woo, and restorative, will support me in the process of working. Human resource profession requires employees to have skills in communication and working with the team; you must be sensitive, skillful in dealing with employees in the company, understand the character and nature each person’s work, always ready to help and give appropriate advice when needed ( The Balance Careers).

I used to be a leadership team, so my communication skills still develop when I work in a group. Besides, I am a woo person because I love finding new things. I always have a positive attitude towards life, so I continuously transmit energy to people around me. So, my groups will have the power to solve the job. I realize that five of my greatest strengths according to Strengths Quest assessment, connect and support each other. These assessments help me be more confident in myself and have a belief in my future career that I have chosen.

The job description of a human resource manager is to monitor human resource information in an organization, provide a standardized job description for each employee position, plan recruitment and exploit candidates bright to bring the best work performance. The median annual wage for human resources managers was $113,300 in May 2018. The median hourly salary is $54.47 per hour (Occupational Outlook Handbook). According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of human resources managers is projected to grow 9 percent from 2016 to 2026. People who want to become a manager are required to have a bachelor’s degree. Candidates may earn a bachelor’s degree in human resources or another field, such as finance, business management, education, or information technology. Some higher-level jobs require a master’s degree in human resources or business administration.

In Houston, management-related jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Also, work requires soft skills such as excellent communication, the ability to analyze and use employees appropriately, the ability to use the computer. Based on Houston Community College, new workers start around $56,778. Average pay is $122,456 per year. Highly experienced workers can earn up to $286,640. Salaries can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education and work experience. As of 2014, Texas is one of the top five states in the country for professional employment in human resources, with about 6,640 HR managers and more than 48,000 HR professionals working in the public and private sectors, according to the US Department of Labor (US Department of Labor). In particular, Houston is one of the big cities of Texas with many large companies concentrated, thus attracting abundant human resources.

The total budget that I need to pay monthly depends on where I live and the cost of living. I have completed the financial future from the Texas Reality Check, and my total monthly expense list is as follows: I want to live in a house instead of renting an apartment, so every month I will spend an average of $ 1,285 for the home. Besides, essential utilities such as the Internet, mobile phone, water and Gas, electricity is $ 437 per month. I am a person who likes to cook so I will often eat at home. This helps me save money and ensure health for my family and me. However, I am a young girl, so I will have meetings with friends and have dinner outside. The cost I pay for food is $ 450 per month. Also, a significant expense that I will pay for my children is $ 2,162.

The remaining prices include transportation, clothing, Health Care, Personal Care, miscellaneous is $ 1,348 per month. So, the total monthly expense I need to pay to serve myself and my family is $ 6,080. According to the Texas Reality Check website, I need to earn $91,200 for each year to maintain my aspire lifestyle in Houston. The median annual wage for human resources managers was $113,300 in May 2018 (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Although my salary is higher than the cost of living, I am surprised by this comparison. I think the fee I pay monthly is a huge sum and I should cut out some other small items. I should change my lifestyle to save more money for other emergencies.

My career depends on different cities and states. Because each city has separate living, price, and tax costs, the salary paid to employees is also different. I will compare the basic wage in Houston – Texas and the other three cities, New Orleans – Louisiana, Manhattan-New York, and Austin – Texas based on CNN Money Calculator. There is a massive difference between living in Houston and New York. I compare the average salary of $ 113,000 in Houston, and I find that I need to earn $ 121,481 in New York to maintain the same lifestyle. All life expenses have increased significantly. For example, groceries are 59% more, transportation 33% more and health care 26% more expensive than in Houston.

However, the salary in New Orleans, LA, is $ 51,478. Prices are different, for example, groceries are more 13%; housing is more 5%, transportation is more 9%, but utilities are less 33% than Houston. Finally, I only need $ 49,592 for Austin city and have the same lifestyle as Houston. Specifically, housing is less than 3%, traffic is less than 4%, and utilities are less 21 % than Houston (CNN Money Calculator). Based on the CNN Money Calculator, I have comparisons between the cities that I want to live. I will consider income, life values, and expectations of myself. For me, housing and transportation are the factors that I think the most. Houses in New York or Louisiana are costly, but the living space is cramped. Also, traffic is busing, so I will have to squeeze and walk a lot every day. Homes and transport in Houston make me most satisfied. Therefore, I hope that after graduation, I will find a good job here to have a stable life.

I would love to participate in charitable activities at centers for children with disabilities. As analyzed in paragraph 2, I am a positive attitude person, so I want to inspire and motivate these children. From the Volunteer Match website, I find the program, ‘Help kids learn how to read after school’ (Volunteer Match). This is an opportunity to help children who cannot read can access the education system and eliminate illiteracy. Also, I will participate in Houston Community College’s volunteer activities. Here, charity programs are often organized, such as free food and water, or arrangement of items in the warehouse. I think that volunteer activities will bring many life skills necessary for students, such as communication, group activities, and patience. Those things will support me a lot for my future career.

My long-term career goal is to become a successful human resource manager in 2015. To accomplish that goal, I need to follow reasonable plans and work hard. The first step, I need to complete the Houston Community College to get an associate degree. During the two years here, the school will provide me basic knowledge in this field. The second step, I will transfer to the University of Houston for improving my specialized experience and get a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. My long goal will be to graduate from the university after five years with a 3.7 GPA.

In 5 years, I believe there are many challenges for me like paying tuition, so I plan to try to get a high score to receive a scholarship from the school. In the third step, I will find a part-time job to have real-life experiences while I am in college. A part-time job helps me make money for living expenses and the opportunity to interact with many people. However, it is not easy to find a part-time job for an international student like me. I am only allowed to work on campus school, but these jobs are minimal. Before I can find a suitable job, I will participate in the school’s volunteer activities. I will have more experience about how to work in a group. This is also a chance for me to communicate with many people. Perhaps they will be my co-workers in the future.

To accomplish all the goals, it takes six years. I will encounter many difficulties and challenge myself, but I have belief in myself that I can do it. I must work hard to become a successful and independent woman. When I become a good HR manager, I will be offered high salaries and promoted to the top position in the company. That means I will earn a lot of money to fulfill my dream of traveling around the world with my mother. I have clear goals in life; the most important thing is that I need to study hard and make daily efforts to accomplish those long-term goals.

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