My Journal Writing Experience

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My writing experience was helpful in a way that I never thought it would be. When I was in high school English it was a fun learning experience. I participated in class and did enough to get good grades. The only thing i ever wrote was short essays. I have not done much writin since I graduated in 2000. When I was 22, I was married and had two boys ages four and two. Back in 2005, I was currently going through a divorce. So I went to see a counslor for the very first time. On my first visit I introduced myself and gave her a breif of my past.

As I was done with my appiontment she assigned me homework to start writing in a journal about whatever i choose to. When i left my appiontment, I drove to the store thinking about why would she want me to write down my feelings in a journal. I figured I am not in high school any more. So I went in th store and picked up a sprial notebook, and went home. Later that day I put my children to bed and as they feel asleep the I did my homework. I got out that spiral notebook and looked at the lines on the page. I wrote the date on the piece of paper and got a blank look on my face. As I sat there and thought about what can I write about in this journal, it had come to me: I am going through a divorce, so why not right down how I feel about my divorce.

When I thought about myself that I do not like to tell other people my business so why not write down and no one could read it except me. Thinking about wheather or not i should get a divorce at such a young age. So that’s what exactly I did. I wrote that I was angry at my soon to be ex-husband about cheating on me with a girl at work, and how messed up it would be to break up my family. As I sat there and wrote all of these things it was soon to be three full front and back pages. I never understood why she wanted me to write down how I felt or just any simple thing. I thought of at that very moment after I wrote my first journal entry in my spiral notebook. I felt accomplished that I had finished my homework, never knowing that writing down what I feel would give me a big relief and help me come to acceptance with my current situation.

Two weeks had passed and it was time for me to go see my counseler. As I stepped into her office she greeted me and asked how I was doing. I said good, but feel a little bit of relief and no so stressed out. She had asked me if I had done my homework assignment I replied yes I did do it. Then she asked me what I thought about my homework. I began to explain to her that I did take the time to write in my journal on how angry I was about my soon to be ex- husband. That I realized that writing down how I felt about that very situation helped me cope and accept what was going on in my life.

I never thought it would be a big relief as it was. So she suggested that I should continue writing in my journal no matter even if I had got into a argument with a family member, or went out on a date and if I ever coped with the finialized of my divorce. So taking that from my counsler really helped me understand how writing helped me cope with my every day situations. Years went by, I now have four boys aged 14,12,8,7. So still to this day I keep a journal and I write about how my day was, or just need to write instead of talking about the situation. I don’t write in my journal every day I like to do it atleast once a week.

So if I had a stressful week I sit down after all my children are in bed and just write four to five pages at a time what ever I am thinking I write it down. Each time after I write in my journal I feel better and better every time. Its like some one so stressed out about a big test and then thinking your going to fail the test. Then come to find out that you passed your test the sigh of relief. Its such a great feeling. Some times after I write in my journal I like to look back on what I did a year ago on or around that date. All the things I have over come with my family members, and relationships.

It has really help me and open up my eyes that writing does have a big impact on my life it helps me cope with my problems in a different way. I really enjoy writing in my journal. I have encouraged my kids to have one and my boys write in there journal about whatever they choose to and that’s it is there private things on whatever they choose to write down. Looking back now I am strong believer on writing down your feelilngs and how it makes you feel. Things such as writing in a journal never made sense to me at first. But as I progressed on journaling more and more throughout the years it has helped me in ways I never would of imagine. I think journaling is a personal writting experience and for no one else to see.

I can express on paper how I feel about people in a good or bad way. It has slowly helped me getting enough courage to actually tell people how I feel to without having to write it down. I do not like conferation with anyone. So I do it by writting in my journal. Now I have wrote in my journal. Now I have experiences that I actucually told people how I felt instead of putting it all on paper. Going back looking at my writings on how much I have over come situations in my life has put a helping hand on my future. Writing has helped me in alot of ways, to get out fusteration, angry a nd even happy things that i want to keep peronal. So I believe my journal is like a best friend. Writing in a journal is the best feeling in the world.


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