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And what about the languages, probably even until the end of this century many smaller languages will perish and only mayor ones will survive, until the end of this century ony four languages will exist in the entire world. Those four will be English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabian. The main reason is because most of the world speaks English and Spanish and about the reason about Mandarin and Arabian are because the countries who speak these languages have a lot of kids so these four languages will never die no matter what happens in the future. This already seems like quite a drastic change considering the amount of languages spoken on our planet, however this prediction to be extremely likely and possible by the end of the 21st century. Languages are dying daily, with English, Spanish and Mandarin already the most widely spoken, they are set to fundamentally absorb the others. Privacy will become a thing of the past in the future and the main reason for this is beacause we are rapidly approaching the era of surveillance, a time when virtually every aspect of our lives will be monitored. Privacy as we know will cease to exist. Already today our computers, smartphones, and tablet devices follow our daily affairs, whether what we do is legal or not. Countless jobs will be lost to automation. Over the next 20 years, warehouses and factories across the world might replace human workers with automated robots. The loss to the labor force could be in the thousands, if not millions, depending on which industries automate jobs the most.

Techonology will rule the future world as this is already starting to happen in the present. People will practicaly be one with technology, there are already devices developed for having the human brain connected to a computer or even a mobile device, but the scariest thing about the future is probably the idea about inventing medicine that will grant eternal life. There are already millionaires around the world who had their organs freezed after death so when this medicine is invented they could acutally be brought back to life. This does sound a little scary because if a medicine for immortality was actually created only the wealthiest class of people could afford it it and it might even be a cause of war. Speaking of wars in the future there might be some including civil wars in countries like Great Britain who is made of smaller countries which have a tense relationship like England does have with Ireland and Scotland. If that would happen it would only mean that the past would repeat itself once again meaning nothing good for people who should let history go instead of trying to make the past be the present. However there are people that could bring some happiness in th future like those who thought the idea of making a time capsule. Two time capsules have been made in New York. One in 1939 New York World’s Fair and that one has been buried in the same year and the other one was presented and buried in 1964. The both of the time capsules are to be opened in the same time as they were buried in the year 6939 which shows humanity has a curiosity for their future, and a positive one, instead of developing weapons and technology that could lead to a global war.

How will the cities look in the future? They will be probably made entirely of glass instead of concrete and they could be very polluted because of the industry which will probably grow more and more in to the future. The future cities will look artificial and they wont have any parks and nature in them because nature will probably be to weak to survive in such a futuristic world. The streets will be filled with high tech technology and maybe even flying cars if such a heavy objet could lift itself into air but we were told from the science fiction movies that anything could become possible in reality, even if sometimes movies can use to much imagination a lot of science fiction movies like Star Trek predicted some inventions of the future and iPhones look wery similar to the devices shown in the Star Trek franchise. A movie that was made a lot earlier prior the invention of the iPhone shown that future can be predicted even by movies who can use a little bit to much of imagination. Another dark side of the future might be climate changes who could rise the sea levels and potentialy flood island countries like Japan and New Zealand. In the future the climates will probably be extreme in all continents and that might lead people to invent new kind of clothes which would be a lot of different from our present clothes and would be all about resisting the extreme climates instead of present day clothes which is all about looks. The food might also change. We will probably grow our on food in the future and everything would be genetically modified and the food would taste and look how we want to and might also have nutrients that would increase are life and improve our health.


To put a conclusion on the story the future will have ups and downs just like everything in present life but the future might bring us a much longer life without diseases and aging could be pottenitaly slowed down so in the future we might be able to look like teenagers in our fifties. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on future geniuses who will have the future in their hands. There will be always those who will try to make the future dark and gloomy like in a some darker science fiction movie, but in the end the there will always be someone to lead humanity to a brighter and more positive future, a visionary with an idea of a perfect and balanced world.


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