Memories of Play – Childhood

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The memories of childhood have their own impacts on our lives. These charming moments can not be forgotten and have a lifelong impression on us, because for the most part of childhood is play. When we have good childhood memories and positive play experience, we grow up to be happy and healthy individuals. Children learn about language through different kinds of play. They practise putting thoughts into words, which develops language skills. Play helps children think. I think play has evolved from back then when we were young children to nowadays by a great deal because things have changed in so many ways. Some of the changes are for the better, but I miss those good days which had flown by so quickly.

When I recollect the days of my childhood, I feel very delighted over my pleasant play memories. I have many wonderful memories of my childhood. I lived with my parents in a big house in a city. I had many cousins to play with. As a little girl I grew up enjoying the freedom of playing outdoors on a daily basis with my siblings, my cousins and neighbors’ kids. We all felt safe. I think it was a good time back then. In my childhood, our parents were carefree, having no worries at all times because the neighborhood was safe. We used to wonder around the whole village and enjoy the natural environment which was greener. Playing in the park, learning how to ride a bike, climbing up trees, and outdoor games like Hide and Seek are my perfect childhood memories of play. I grew up to be a happy, healthy and well surrounded person because of these memories.

Playing for many children these days is different because they spend most of their days stuck in front of the laptop, television, smartphones or tablet devices and video games. I have no doubt those tech gadgets help young children with their mental development, but getting children to play outside is more beneficial in so many ways. It has physical, mental and emotional benefits to children.

As a parent I see difficulties in our today’s culture. We became first of all a “Helicopter parents” hovering over our children. We worry too much about everything. We do not let our children choose what they want to do or participate in. Secondly, these days parents are so busy with their work and they do not have time to accompany or bring their children out to play on a daily basis. By keeping ourselves unavailable, we are letting the technology “babysit” our kids. I think we are robbing our kids parts of their childhood and the chance to explore their natural environment. By spending time outside playing, children develop social skills such as leadership, cooperating or working together and increase their relationships. They learn to resolve conflicts and express their feelings. Playing outdoors is a form of exercise that encourages children to have healthy physical development and reduce their risk of obesity and heart disease or high blood pressure in their adulthood.

In conclusion, providing outdoor play may be a challenging task nowadays because we have such busy schedules, but parents should take some time to bring their children out to play, enjoy the natural environment daily. Spending time outside can benefit children develop their gross motor skills, social skills, thinking skills and problem solving skills. They learn to determine new things and make sense of their own world as they have fun playing. As a part of being a child, they must have the chance of playing outdoors. So that they can be healthier, smarter and can enjoy positive play experiences and memories when they grow up.


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How do I write about my childhood memories?
To write about your childhood memories, start by brainstorming specific events or experiences that stand out to you. Then, use sensory details, dialogue, and vivid descriptions to transport your readers back in time and bring those memories to life.
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Some examples of childhood memories are playing tag with friends, going to the park, and eating ice cream on a hot summer day.
What is the importance of play in childhood?
Play is important in childhood as it helps to promote physical, cognitive, and social development. Through play, children learn important skills such as problem solving, cooperation, and communication.
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