MBE-P Concept

Updated May 14, 2022

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MBE-P Concept essay

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From Module 3, Self-Improvement, the most important concept I have found was the “Management by Exception-Passive (MBE-P)” because I think that this type of leadership approach empowers individuals and avoid micro managing. I do have the “if it is not broke, do not fix it” mentality. According to the “Full Range Leadership Behavior” topic, I tend to sit back and wait until something does not work before making a decision to take action. However, as long as I keep holding the Airmen that I supervise accountable and make sure that they comply with the set standards; it will help me avoid falling into the laissez-faire behavior. In addition, by actively maintaining constant interaction with the Airmen, I will avoid the possibility of falling into the category of leaders that are social loafing and free riding. If that happens, I will be demonstrating laziness to my subordinates, peers, and supervisors, which will lose their trust and confidence in me. One thing I can do to make sure it does not happen is to hold myself accountable for my actions and responsibilities as a leader.

In the work centers that I have been in, I applied this concept by leaving the processes that works as it is and only review the procedures that are not working. If there are any issues with any of the implemented procedures, I will look at them and figure out what can be better to make them more effective. I will also stay actively engaged to my subordinates, peers, and supervisors so that they know that I care about them. Through feedback, I will know how they are doing or if they need anything from me, which gives them the assurance that I am available to them at all times.

Finally, knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are, from the comments that I have received from my peers in class will assist me in developing myself to be a better leader. I will continue on using my “Management by Exception-Passive” leadership approach on managing the Airmen in my work center. Furthermore, I will keep working on improving my weaknesses so that I can be more effective as a leader. For example, one of my peers in class gave me an advice to become more aggressive on establishing my presence and position of authority in the work center that I manage. In doing this, I will prevent the thought of having the Airmen I supervise not listening to me when I tell them to do something and not making me feel neglected or unheard of. I will also add the sense of urgency tone when necessary to my leadership skills so that I can complete the tasks in a more effective way.

MBE-P Concept essay

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