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Like any Other Family My Family is Unique

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Like any Other Family My Family is Unique essay
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Like any other family, my family is unique in its own ways. There are challenges, accomplishments, traditions, and family heroes, just like any other family. Looking back at my family history I find more and more things about my family that makes me proud to say they are a part of my family.

My family originated from Germany, where they were great ship builders. They came to America in 1791. My 5th generation grandfather Tevolt Moats and two of his brothers snuck away on a ship to come to America. The boat docked at Jamestown, Virginia. While they were examining the new land they ran into a tribe of Apache Indians that welcomed them. My 5th generation grandfather fell in love with an Apache woman named Hannak, they got married in present day Barbour County, WV. They built a house and started a family. Then they moved to Aurora were their children lived most of their life. The generations kept growing and growing.

My great grandfather stayed in Aurora and raised a farm. He married Edna Simmons, and they had twelve children, nine boys and three girls. They had a set of twins, one died right after birth and the other one only lived about a month. So they only had one girl that survived. He worked his whole life to buy the farm I live on today. He worked in Ervin at a band sawmill, which was operated by a steam engine. Every day he walked from Aurora to Ervin to go to work. He raised a garden, cattle, pigs, turkeys, and chickens. He also had a rock quarry business, were he sold rocks to build patios, walkways, and house bricks for people. He also hunted to provide his family with food. He was a very outstanding, hardworking man.

Just like other families, my family has its traditions. One tradition that has been in my family for a long time is the family reunion. We also have big Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter celebrations.

One person we see as a hero in my family is Doyle. He was in Vietnam for 5 years. He received a purple heart. He received a purple because one of his friends got shot, and he carried his friend to try to catch the rescue unit so he could get help. By the time he got to the rescue unit his friend had already passed away.

Living in Aurora has allowed my family to do a lot of things, including allowing my family to have a sawmill business, and allowing my family to raise a farm, and hunt for food. Aurora is a great friendly community, and there are a lot of good lifelong friends in Aurora to meet. Also it has been an honor to live on the farm my ancestors once lived on and raising my animals where they raised their animal. I hope my children, grandchildren, etc. will live on the farm my ancestors once lived on and have great experiences like I have. Aurora will always be in my heart, and Aurora will always be my home. There will be many more generations to come in Aurora.

Like any Other Family My Family is Unique essay

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