LGBT Rights in the United States

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Rights of the LGBT community in the United States have come a long way. Laws have been passed to allow same-sex marriage and to prevent discrimination. Although laws similar to this allowed crucial breakthroughs, there is still more work to be done. The LGBT community is still facing discrimination, refusal of services, and even refusal of acceptance in some religions.

“Many state officials have used religious freedom arguments to support denying services to L.G.B.T. people.” This prevents some citizens to get married in a particular church, or in some cases have the right to their belongings and children once their spouse dies. Same-sex marriage has been legal in the United States since June 26th, 2015. However, some states find loopholes to prevent recognition of same-sex marriage. Despite the progress of equal marriage and equal rights, United States LGBT citizens are not treated completely equal to other citizens; the main objective for individuals in this demographic is to be truly equal to every other American citizen.

LGBT history dates back centuries, however, a particularly important event that had happened on June 28, 1969, in the united states is the Stonewall riot. The Stonewall riot was viewed as a liberating moment in the recently oppressed LGBT community, this riot allowed them to become more aware of the power of strength in numbers. All across the United States people heard about what had happened in Manhattan and began to organize parades and even some organizations that provided the LGBT with support and taught social tactics when encountering the public.

The Era of the gay oppression is seizing to exist. To come to an end. People all across the united states heard about the Stonewall riot and in almost an instance gay rights movements, parades, and other agendas concerning the LGBT citizens have started to take place nationally. After the riot of Stonewall people had formed two organizations that allowed members of the LGBT community to speak freely without the fear of being arrested or publicly shamed These two organizations were two of the first to be publicly known in the city of Manhattan, New York.

The fight does not stop there, As many decades pass LGBT rights was becoming a more popular conversation. One of the products of the Stonewall riot is Marsha P. Johnson. Johnson was a gay rights activist who was very well-known throughout New York, She accomplished many difficult tasks by speaking to the public and showing generosity. Even though Johnson played a key role in the gay rights movement, she was pronounced dead on July 6, 1992, in the Hudson River, She has sealed her legacy as one of the most powerful and well-known gay rights movements activists in the united states.

Johnson inspired many to think freely and to inspire others to be themselves. Going forward into the future Gay rights movements has come a long way. On June 29th, 2015 Same-sex marriage had been passed. Now every June pride month takes place in celebration of the liberation of gay rights. On one particular date “As L.G.B.T. Pride Month comes to an end, the massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., cast a pall over this year’s celebrations to commemorate milestones for the community”(Stack). This particular event along with some others sparked a feud between LGBT citizens and other citizens of the united states.

Some political activists believed in discrimination. In fact ” A North Carolina law passed in March made it illegal for transgender people to use public restrooms that match their gender identity”. In another report “There were 24 reported bias-motivated killings of L.G.B.T. people in 2015, a 20 percent rise from the year before, she said. Most of the victims were transgender and gender nonconforming minorities”(Stack). Reported New York Times, Some criminal activity is being directed towards LGBT citizens, people are being persuaded that the LGBT citizens are the enemy because of their beliefs.

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