John F. Kennedy as a Founder of Peace Corps

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“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy did not only say this, but he did this too. He started serving America from a young age and dedicated his life to America; JFK fought for America on and off the battlefield. John F. Kennedy was a congressman and served in the house of Representatives for three terms. He was the founder of Peace Corps, was president during the cold war and started the Race to Space. John Frederick Kennedy was a great and influential president because he helped other countries.

The future leader of the United States was born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline MA to a wealthy Irish Catholic family. JFK went to Harvard University for college. During college, JFK was treated differently because he was Irish Catholic, so he swore to himself he would make a million dollars and be well known before 40. Later, JFK will have fulfilled this because he made such a big influence the US. While JFK was in college, his father became the US to England ambassador and moved his family

to England. JFK did not move with his family to England because he was already in college, but he visited England frequently. Since his father became the ambassador, JFK became interested in US and European politics and started following world politics and took classes on politics but he still wanted to be a teacher when he was older.

After college, JFK served in the US army as a pilot in Europe. While he was serving in Europe, his brother was a lieutenant for the army in the South Pacific. His brother died from a boat crash and this event caused JFK to reconsider being a teacher, so he ran for the congressman of MA. He then got awarded the Navy and Marine Corps for his dedication, leadership, and courage.

He got a lot of press and attention for this and then served in the House of Representatives for three terms. He then got elected to go to the Senate. While in Senate, JFK wrote a book on influential US senators. From this book, he won the Pulitzer Prize, a great achievement and only 13 people receive the award each year this event shows that he was a good writer and could identify influential people and was special and a great achiever.

He was a popular and successful politician and almost ran as a VP but then decided to run for president in the next election instead He went around the country campaigning his presidency and chose Lyndon B. Johnson a senator from Texas to be his vice. He won the 1960 election and became at 43 years old the youngest and first Irish Catholic President.

John F. Kennedy had an idea to make an organization where American Citizens could dedicate their life to go to different countries globally that needed assistance in developing and keeping peace in their country. He started it in 1960 by making a speech to 1000 college kids and spoke about going to different countries after he announced the idea, he got so much positive responses he decided to make it into a reality. He chose R. Sargent Shriver to be the director of the program because he was such a good motivator and a inspirational person.

Peace Corps took place in poor and 3rd world countries many in Africa. The countries had to invite Peace Corps to their country and then America would send citizens with the profession that the country needed. The program sent dedicated American citizens globally to help with the development, education, peace, and progress of the country. JFK was able to influence the USA by this program because he was able to make a program for Americans to give back to the country.

The program also was able to create stable living environments for so many people in other poorer countries. It inspired so many people to do acts of kindness. Lasty, Peace Corps made America have an even better reputation because so many other countries now recognize that America sends citizens to less fortunate countries to help out. Peace Corps dignifies how JFK believed in giving back to America and also inspired others with his beliefs.

John F. Kennedy was one of the presidents during the Cold War. He worked very hard and dedicated a lot of his time making sure that America had good allies and was safe. After JFK was inaugurated, his sent Cuban Exile Troops to invade CUba their homeland in an attempt to overthrow Castro- a cuban communist; and get Cuba as a non- communist ally. This attack was called the Bay of Pigs. The operation failed and the troops all died. JFK took all responsibility which showed that he was able to make mistakes and admit them. JFK now knew that even though America wasn’t mad at him, he needed to work harder on beating the Soviet Union.

In 1957, the Soviet Union launched a satellite named Sputnik that orbited around space. This caused many Americans to think that Russia can now spy on them which made them go into pannick. JFK wanted to make sure that America felt safe and he wanted to be ahead of the Soviet Union. On May 25, 1961, JFK went to congress and got billions of dollars passed so that America will beat Russia in getting the first man on the moon.

This act led up to the creation of NASA, which is a big space program all over America dedicated to the advancement and science in Space. John Glenn- an american, was the first man to orbit earth with a rocket called Friendship. This proves that JFK was a good president because he was able to assure many Americans safety.

John F. Kennedy got assassinated during his presidency. JFK was going all around Texas for 2 days campaigning with his wife for the next election. On November 22, 196, JFK went flew from Houston to Lovefield, from there he would go to Dallas. When he got off the plane, a bunch of people were greeting him. He and his wife got in the back of Governor John Collany’s convertible.

They rode through the streets of Dallas with their convertible top down and waved to all the people lined up on the street to see him. Lee Harvey Oswald shot him and he fell onto his wife’s lap. He went immediately to the hospital but he did not make it. The governor was also shot but he was able to recover. Lyndon B. Johnson took over on the same day on the plane to the funeral. John F. Kennedy was a good president and died in service to his country.

John F. Kennedy was a great president. When people think about JFK they recognize his ability to keep calm during crises during the cold war they also think about how inspiring he was when he spoke. He fought for America from a young age both on the battlefield and off. He started 2 very successful organizations. NASA has taught many people about space that would not know about it otherwise.

He was able to make america the first country to get a man to the moon. He started peace corps which influenced so many people from america and other countries that hosted the volunteers. He influenced them because the volunteers were able to see how other countries lived and they are able to help the countries develop. The countries many of which are in africa were very much impacted by Peace Corps because the volunteers helped them greatly with the development of their country.

Peace corps that has been helping developing countries for over 50 years and through this organization, American CItizens are able to make powerful impacts on the world. This organization makes america have an even better reputation because every other country knows that America sends their citizens all around the world to help many countries especially in africa stabilize their economy, and have peace in their country and have a democratic government.

JFK created NASA which influenced him positively because nasa is a well known organization that represents America well and educates people on space.

It also is an organization dedicated for the technology and science outside of the earth which impacts america positively because it makes america a more technologically advanced country. He was able to get the first man on the moon, which is a very memorable and proud event for America and made the country appreciate him even more. JFK failed during the mission of the Bay of Pigs this influenced him negatively because this killed soldiers. Even though this caused him to be viewed more negatively, JFK did so much good for America that it overrode his few mistakes.

When JFK died, the nation was very sad and mourned for a very long time America was much stronger and more positive about beating Russia to the moon and America now had Peace Corps which inspired many people. I believe that JFK was an amazing and very influential president because he was able to create organizations that benefited America.


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What did JFK have to do with the Peace Corps?
JFK was the one who established the Peace Corps in 1961. He saw it as a way for young Americans to serve their country by promoting peace and understanding around the world.
Who was the founder of Peace Corps?
The Peace Corps was established by executive order on March 1, 1961 by President John F. Kennedy.
Why did Kennedy initiate programs like the Peace Corps?
The Peace Corps was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 as a way to promote world peace and friendship. The organization sends volunteers to countries around the world to help with various projects, such as education, health care, and economic development.
why did president john f. kennedy create the peace corps?
To help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served. To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.
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