Jewish Holocaust Survivor and an Author of the Novel A Diary of Ann Frank

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Was a bright happy 13-year-old Jewish girl. She was born in Germany. Ann lived with her Father, Mother and Sister. Her father owned his own business. He sold herbs and spices until 1940, when Hitler came into power. Ann’s father Mr. Frank was a kind man. He did not want to see his family go to a prison camp or be murdered because they were Jewish. Mr. Frank decided to take his family into hiding. He had a friend named Mipe, who hid his family in the annex of the building she had a business in. Mr. Frank also invited another Family the Van Dann’s to go into hiding with them. The Van Dann’s had one son. His name was Peter.

Her hair was short and dark. She loved to play outside, ride her bike. She had friends at school. Ann was sometimes annoying to her family because she was so full of energy. She talked a lot and always stated her opioion about things even when her opinion was not asked for. Sometimes Ann would hurt her mothers feelings because she did not listen. Ann said she didn’t mean to be bad or hurt her mother. She felt like the good Ann was inside her.

Ann was compassionate she cared about other people’s feelings. She wanted to make Hanukkah special during their time in the annex. Ann had no money so she had to use her imagination to come up with special gifts. She thought about each person individually and made a personal gift for each one in her family and the Van Dann’s family. They were all very surprised and treasured the gifts because they realized it came for Ann’s heart.

She made the best out of a bad situation. She was trapped in the annex of a building for a very long time. She couldn’t do the simple everyday things, like go for a walk, listen to the radio, smell the air outside or even go to the bathroom when she needed to. She made life very interesting for the people in the annex with her. Weather they realized it not she brighten their days and made things exciting with her outgoing personality. The fact that she wrote in her diary each day shows that she had a caring soul and she wanted to remember and share her experiences. I admire her braveness and her patience with life.

The diary of Ann Frank is happy and sad. Happy because it shows us that no matter what your circumstances are you can make the best of life and overcome the worst of situations if you choose to. Sad because it reminds us of the tragedy, the killing of innocent men, women and children. Ann Frank is a special person to have been able to live through what happened to her friends her family her people. And also invited another Family the Van Dann’s to go into hiding with them Van Dann’s.

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