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Treatment of Animal in article “Consider the Lobster”

David Foster Wallace’s 2004 Gourmet magazine article ‘Consider the Lobster’ investigates a topic not covered by too many publications – the treatment of an animal which eventually will become your meal. In the essay, Wallace has set up his readers to reflect not just on the lobster but on the larger moral questions behind their…

Consider the Lobster

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The Effects of Technology in “Consider the Lobster”

Although many individuals would say that technology benefits us in a great way, it also affects social interactions and the ability of individuals to connect and resolve conflict. Since David Foster Wallace’s ‘Consider the Lobster’, technology has affected interpersonal communication and growing skills that individuals would’ve otherwise acquired and shared earlier in life with friends…

Consider the Lobster

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An Introduction to the Nature of the Lobster

Considering a creature, as a meal sounds terrible when it first hits our ears, but the meal is still enjoyable as it touches our tonguei There is always a voice in ones conscience telling you that you are hurting the animal that you are calling “dinner”. Today’s society should be advanced enough to learn proper…


Consider the Lobster

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