Issues with Technology: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

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According to Albert Einstein, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Ever since technology came to life, scientists have seen a major change in the human brain. Based on Nicholas Carr, who had stated, “he felt like Hal the computer in a 2001 movie: A Space Odyssey. Carr felt as if someone had tempered with his brain for the worst. From my point of view, I totally agree with the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”.

As technology keeps growing, reading is the most important tool we need in order for our vocabulary, language to keep increasing inefficiently. But reading is no longer an easy skill in humans. Based on the article, Carr believes that reading is a skill where are losing in humans because he states, “the deep reading that once came naturally is becoming a struggle. “When we think about how when there was no technology, everyone reading was insufficient. A child who was not perfect in reading could not stay in school. It was showing the teacher; the child was not reading insufficiently. Now they are supposed to read at home. Over, the years, you can see the drastic change in schools. Starting to 1950 to 2018, people are not reading at their grade level.

Researchers show a huge gap of our population has stopped going to the library. People who just graduate university are losing their job because of the lack of reading, they simple cannot keep up. Some professors have to force students to read. Students don’t want to let go of their technology. They would rather leave class for their phone. There were many cases in my school of students fighting their teachers only for their phone, they show no remorse nor mercy when it came down to their technology.

A human life doesn’t matter in the case of technology. Carr states, “the more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing.” Reading a book is becoming a heavy, nasty chore. Even Carr’s friends who used to love reading are complaining they would rather search the web instead even if they are looking at the same thing. This new era with a lack of reading is no longer gibing the brain enough food so the brain can develop. As Albert Einstein stated, we are becoming dumber.

Simon Sinek in a Ted talk explained how we are so addicted to our phone that our emotions are based on what we receive on our phones. He continues to explain how when we don’t receive any calls, emails, the brain releases dopamine. We constantly checking our phone, send our friends the same message just for that dopamine to be fed by the technology. A person who is addicted to heroin will always be fidgeting, scratching their skin, hair, thinking about heroin and how to get their hands on it.

Just like us, the constant looks we give our phone, the impatient of a notification, the angrier we get when someone does not constantly text us are signs that technology is becoming is the new drug. According to a research by Cambridge University, “Dopamine relates to the reward we receive for an action. Dopamine seemed to do with the desire, ambition, addiction and sex drive.” Technology is becoming the new crack. The small amount of dopamine releasing almost every minute spent into technology make us slower. I NEED IT, as a crack addict will state.

In the article, Niicholas Carr stated how one of his writer friends has no passion for writing anymore. Carr friends notice how his writing styled had changed ever since he started using more of technology. His writing method had changed dramatically to the worst, and he could not even noticed it until one of his friends mentioned that his way of writing has gotten worst. Each time technology advanced, we become dumber and our artificial intelligence decreases. Can you imagine a world without technology? Many of our creations that we are still using ,they was made when technology was not even existed. Maybe our intelligence would have been different . Maybe we would have discovered medicine for the new epidemics that are coming.

When technology was created ,it was for the greater good of society.As every human brains is different ,you could see how each individual intelligence is different. During the Holocaust, Hitler had only used smart scientist to create dangerous weapons. Today, we are only using the smart ones to discover more of technology. But, what if technology becomes too advanced or if it falls in the wrong hands? More world hunger, more war, more unknown world problems. In a California neighborhood, some parents who truly knows the danger of technology refuses for their child to use anything dealing with technology. Is it wrong? Of course not because if the human brain is not developed into a category then it learns to do other artificial things to please us .

According to Christian Lous Lange , “technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master .” Even, when technology helps us in good way, like using maps or searching for things, shopping . It also became a dangerous thing to humans physically, in their memories, and their sleeping habits no longer the same. We depend so much on technology to the point we are becoming like clocks, technology is becoming our masters. It tells us when to get up, when to eat, when to rest. Nicholas Carr states , “how the Internet use affects our neurological and psychological cognition.” We are no longer intelligent, Professor Saling states , ‘We’ve lost sight of the fact that forgetfulness is a normal and necessary phenomenon. We must keep pushing information out so it can deal with information coming in and if it gets overloaded we become forgetful.”

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