In Nicholas Carr’s Article “ Is Google Making Us Stupid” Research Paper

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In Nicholas Carr’s article “ Is Google Making Us Stupid” he states how social media and the internet are changing many people’s lives. Carr claims that the internet has messed up human brains. He explained how the internet has impacted him in so many ways. Carr also stated how he wasn’t the only one who struggled with reading, his friends did too. People use social media so often it can affect their thought process. The article also states that the internet is a distraction, in our lives.

In this Article Carr explains various reasons why and how the internet is changing people’s lives. He explains how we think less deeply, he also thinks that by using the internet so much, we will become more and more objective and quick thinkers.

Carr found out he wasn’t the only one who had trouble with reading, his friends did too. Carr stated that he and his friends had similar experiences on how the more they use the internet, the harder it is for them to stay focused and he no longer can concentrate. Deep reading was something that used to come so naturally to Carr, now it is a struggle. He said that reading is different because it has changed over the decade. Carr also introduces a few bloggers, Bruce Friedman, the blogger claimed how the internet has altered his mental habits, meaning the internet has changed his emotions.

Carr discusses how concentration might be impaired by Internet usage. Carr used a historical example of Friedrich Nietzsche, who is a writer sometime in 1882. He explained how Friedrich bought a typewriter because his vision was getting blurry. Nietzsche and his friends noticed a change in the style of his writing.

Carr mentions Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey, on how we’re losing our minds. For example, in the very beginning, Carr said how our mind is making everyone in general, think different. He refers to this scene because he believes our minds are Hals. Our minds are changing the more time we spend on the internet. Hal claims his mind is going and that he can feel it. Over the years, Carr states that he’s not thinking the way he used to think. In Carr’s writing, he reveals that he feels something has been changing in his brain mainly.

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