Issues in Criminal Justice

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Criminal justice practitioners face issues in our society daily. They act on laws rather than stating their own opinion and forced to make some difficult decisions. Criminal justice professionals must concentrate on certain issues they see a deeper importance in. They accumulate enough knowledge to be educated in these situations. There are a few social issues that have an impact on Criminal justice professionals. These social issues are Drug Abuse, Gang Violence and Child Abuse.

Drugs in America are one of the upmost problems facing policeman today. When it comes to reducing the drug use, criminal justice professional focus on the leader who distributes it. Focusing on the distributing groups makes it a little more difficult to do any type of drug transactions. Abusing any form of drug can lead to life threatening situations and possible death. Therefore, there is a need for a criminal justice professional because they can help prevent you from using narcotics or being incarcerated. Individuals use drugs because it numbs out situations, which they see no problem in. Professionals help abusers by putting them in a rehabilitation center or helping them seek medical attention. Drug abuse is a social issue that inflicts pain towards a person intentionally and unintentionally.

The next social issue is child abuse. What is child abuse? Child Abuse is when a child is neglected by its care givers. The different types of abuse that a child endures is physical, sexual and emotional. Criminal justice professionals play a major role because they are the key to the children being in a more stable situation. They can pull them out of homes where they are beaten, raped and neglected and put into homes where they are treated kindly and wanted. This is an issue in society because parents are mistreating a blessing when they could have simply given them to someone who would have cherished them.

The last key social issue that follows child abuse is gang violence. Gangs within our country can rip society apart if we did not have any type of authorities taking the necessary actions. Criminal Justice Professionals must limit the amount of violence by taking down the gang leaders. To be initiated in a gang you must commit an act of rape, murder or a drug transaction. This where child abuse plays apart because gang violence targets more of the youth that are neglected or troubled. Practitioners must build from many resources in order to reduce the rates of violence. Though they can not stop it completely, they can limit it in certain areas during a period.

Criminal Justice Practitioners are needed in our society. The criminal justice field is always dealing with criminal activity that they try their best to reduce. There professionals are faced with obstacles daily that they must deal with physical and sometimes mentally. These social issues are the main reasons the society is corrupting and its up to the criminal justice to reduce them.

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