Updated January 27, 2021

Pan-Entertainment Is a New Virus

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Pan-Entertainment Is a New Virus essay
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Pan-Entertainment is a cultural phenomenon which describes now Mass Communication is using the vulgar and ironic methods to relax people with shallow and empty contents. Mass Communication means a process of transmitting messages to a large number of scattered audiences like media unload news or articles for audiences. However, Pan-Entertainment means a phenomenon makes other cultures become entertained like a lot of prank channels on youtube, but you can also think it means people take things less serious. Pan-Entertainment is not a real virus, but it is a cultural virus. Pan-Entertainment makes more entertained TV shows, movies, articles and even in politics. Entertainment is not a negative thing, but the problem is Pan-Entertainment can infect more cultures and even some of them should not be entertained. The entertainment is not always good, because it also can be harmful.

The market competition means in one single aspect market and every company wants to earn their profit, then the competition happens. The market competition formed Pan-Entertainment, The market follows their target audiences, because the profit propels those media. Why is Pan-Entertainment the new virus? Because the market competitions pressures impact media make every effort to obey every target audience’s interests, even though some of them. Most of the medias’ voracity makes them focus too much on the audience rating, so the commercial explorations and mischievous news movies or shows are covering the world. The only way for media to earn more profits is to follow every need which people want, so the Pan-Entertainment also relate to audiences’ thought. The world style becomes faster and brings more pressure on people, so audiences want the quick entertained method to relax them. Mass Communications follow people’s needs and create a lot of shallow entertainments.

Pan-Entertainment Negative Impact

In spite of Pan-Entertainment negative impacts on society, there still have positive aspects. The medias’ Pan-Entertainment actually satisfy audiences’ needs and positively react with those needs. The Pan-Entertainment is a product formed by market competition, so Pan-Entertainment actually improves positively to those media. Pan-Entertainment also is a product under the fast world style that everyone just wants short content to relax them. The Pan-Entertainment is formed by audiences, because they want it.

Bohai University Journalist and Communication Studios’ dean and professor Zhao Yawen pointed out in her article “The Mass Communication’s Pan-Entertainment’s damage can split to three different aspects: ONe is “decrease audiences’ aesthetic level”, two is “Decrease audiences’ social responsibilities”, three is “weaken medias’ social duties and responsibilities”.” As negative impacts, Pan-Entertainment doesn’t just impact on audiences’ aesthetic levels, it even harms audiences’ judge ability. If audiences lose the ability to judge good or bad, then a vicious circle makes the situation infinitely worse. If mass communications process those serious events as entertainments, then audiences’ social responsibilities will be alienation to an erratic perspective. Finally, it will start to decrease audiences’ enthusiasm for society. Pan-Entertainment is happening just around us like Tik Tok, Instagram or youtube, a lot of short videos formed by people around the world and now people start to sink into those entertainments. That is why Pan-Entertainment is the virus. Pan-Entertainment can transfer different cultures or aspects to just pure entertainment that people just need to enjoy those entertainments, even their contents are meaningless. Special for teenagers, because they do not have a full grow heart and mind, so they can easily be changed by Pan-Entertainment. More and more people just want to look at other people’s videos or their life rather than other meaningful things.


Those mass communications should introspect that the reason about audiences’ aesthetic levels and judge the ability to decrease. Mass communications may are unilaterally be chasing their own profit, but the mass communication should also have its obligation and responsibility to society. Audiences also need to know how to judge things good or bad. Everyone should keep a clear and sensible mind every time.

Pan-Entertainment Is a New Virus essay

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