Is College the Best Option

Updated October 4, 2021

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Is College the Best Option essay

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College is a place where people go to further their education and to pursue their dream jobs. Lots of people go to college to have better oppurtunities in life, make more money for a job they want to work for, and to succeed in life. College is expensive and not affordable for many people but provides the extra knowledge that they need. Many people tend to think that college is not worth it and a waste of time others tend to think otherwise.

College provides you with different kinds of degrees for different things. Each degree is a new level of education you’ve accomplished and received. Associates , Bachelors, Graduate , Masters, doctoral and professional are all different types of degrees that many people recover over the years. In the Article “should everyone go to college” Stephinie owen and Isibel Sawhill tend to think that a bachelor’s degree is not a smart investment for everyone. They find that 14 percent of people with a high school diploma makes at least as much as those with a bachelor’s degree. There’s not really a big difference between the two because a person without a bachelor’s degree could make just as much. “ When we dig even deeper , we see that just as not all college degrees are equal, neither are all high school diplomas.” even in the article they see that education is unequal.

College comes with a lot of difficulties it’s not as simple and easy as many people make it seem. Some people tend to forget all the problems that come along with college. It tends to be very hard for people to afford. In the article “ The new liberal arts” Stanford Ungar talks about the seven misperceptions that people tend to forget or don’t realize. Each misperception is about a different situation.” The first misperception is how families can afford for college. College graduates are finding it hard to get a good job. Liberal arts are relevant. Students should not only study arts. Liberal arts has nothing to do with politics. America is the only country in the word to have post secondary education as liberal arts. And the cost of american education is spiralling out of control.” They talk about each problem very clearly that college people go through . Each of those problems is something we tend to forget when looking into colleges.

They say too many people are going to college to further the knowledge they receive. And i say many people aren’t. College is too expensive and may people can’t afford it and dont have that type of money they ask for. After college people tend to be in debt for half their life and is stuck paying it off. Why do we have to get charged for education ? That’s something that never made sense to me. Education should be made free we earn that. All people talk about is people getting education so that they know how to make a living. Also how college is all what people make it seem to be. People are now trying to find ways to approach college in a different way to solve the problem that’s been going on . There must be a better way so everyone could go to college without any money problems. .

There are different types of colleges that give you the education you want. College sets you up for your career that you want. Each college is for different things you want to study. Community college is one that could provide you with the education you want. In the article “ Two years are better than four” Liz Addison says that community college should be the option for people and they should go to . “ Community college is a non residential junior college offering courses to people living in a particular area. It’s not like a university college where students attend from all over the world.” It’s simply for the kids in that area and you don’t have to stay there as long but could get the same education. People tend to go for that option a lot because it’s easier and more affordable for them. Community college gives you just the same amount of education as every other college.

College comes with all different of types of learning. Depending on what you want to be is what you have to study on. Many students tend to not be engaged or interested in what they learn or are taught so if you want to go to college you should study upon something you really want to do or that really interest you. In the article “ Hidden intellectualism” Gerald Graff talks about how students should learn something that interest them. He thinks that it’ll help them out alot more and they’ll be engaged and i would have to agree with him. “ If they were taught with something more interesting to them they’ll focus more and give their full attention. “ You should be engaged in what you are taught so that you could actually learn something and if people aren’t actually interested are they really learning? Some colleges could provide you with the kind of education you want and need.

College isn’t needed to receive all your knowledge. You could get your knowledge and what you need to know by what the people around you show and teach you. You could also get it from your job experience. They’ll teach you what you need to know. In the article “Blue collar brilliance” Mike Rose states that pretty clearly. His mother didn’t receive all her education but still got a chance to maintain a job and learn all of her skills while learning and interacting with people. Yes school teaches you skills but you could also get them from other places like work and interacting with other people. “ My mother learned to work smart, She’d sequence and group tasks . She did everything on the fly and when problems arose technical or human she solved them within her work flow.” She learned everything she ever needed to know at her place of work. School is not for everyone but they somehow still manage to maintain.

In school students are brought up that college is the next big thing and that you must attend it. They are taught that it gives you everything else you didn’t learn in high school. It sets you for the outside world they say. In the source “ is college the best option” Hannah Fouks says how after high school students think that college is the next choice because that’s what they were taught in high school. “Teachers send a message that in order to be successful you need to go to college.” In many cases that is not true because there have been people who have become very successful with only high school education and never went to college. Students should stop being forced to attend college and instead be taught how to work with their skills and be successful.

College is not the best option for everyone but for some it’s the right path to take. Not everyone wants to attend college and want to just go straight into making money. Others want to attend college so that they could make more money over time with a good career that they want. Some people tend to think about the present and others want to think further down the future. In the source “ Is college the best choice for everyone “ Swaminathan Venkatesh talks about how college is necessary to build a financially stable life. If that’s what you want then you should attend. “College is a pathway to many career opportunities.” For certain careers you need to attend college like becoming a doctor you need a lot of schooling. College is for certain people who really want it.

College is to expensive for people to afford. A Lot of people don’t have the money for it and that’s a big reason why they dont attend. In the blog “ At private colleges , Students pay for prestige” Alia Wong talks about the price of college and how many people don’t attend because of the price. I bet that if college was free or not even that expensive than more people would attend and everyone would have the education they need. “There would be more smart people all over the world and it would be a much better place.” I don’t agree with what she said because there are plenty of smart people that that never went to college and make twice as much money as the people who went to college.

College is expensive and not affordable for many people but provides the extra knowledge that they need. Many people tend to think that college is not worth it and a waste of time others tend to think otherwise. There are many different types of opinions on college and how it works all around the world. College should be free or at least affordable so people who really want to attend could attend and continue to strive for their dream jobs and not be in debt for their whole life.

Is College the Best Option essay

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