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Why Education in My College MACC is Important for Me

Since I was very young, I had always dreamed of working for a computing company like Apple and Microsoft. Starting in my first grade year, I had a very strong passion for computers and technology. I learned to use a computer before I even learned to read, and write English. Education is very important to…

Importance Of College Education,

My College,

Why College Is Important

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My College Choice

The first choice is John jay College of Criminal Justice. My second choice is Wichita state university. I personally want Wichita state because it’s closer and less expensive. They are both similar because they both teach you what you need. They are different because Wichita state university is closer and I won’t waste as much…

College Education,

My College

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My College Experience in UTRGV and Future Career

As my first year, first semester at UTRGV I have learned a lot, especially from this class. It has really helped me navigate through the school. I have learned many things that will help me throughout college and that will continue to help me in my future career as a physician assistant, all of those…

College Life,

My College

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