Internet of Things

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Technology and the internet is one of the most wildly thing that is use by persons today, and that the play a big part in our daily life new way are being developed so that person are able to gain access to the internet more easily and more faster but still keeping with the latest technology trend. This also comes with a risk, in this essay we will be looking at the negative impact that internet of things has on the development all around.

What is Internet of Things?

This is a network that is comprised of physical objective compatible that gather and shearing electronic information.

As time goes things changes and technology becomes more and more advance every day, As we look at where we are with technology and where are now with it its now in everything that we do in daily life. Many Jamaicans use the internet more that average these days and doing this it lead us to be open up to different risk of using the internet, in order to prevent this what ICANN can do is to restrict unauthorized person that uses the internet and to closely monitor the IP address like who it assign to and what exactly it has been set up to do.

These day everyone is now becoming to be more tech scurvy and Jamaican’s are using the internet more often would say that this rate the we are going the internet of thing is going to have a negative impact on the development of Jamaica. As was told in the definition of internet of things it’s a network that connect compatible devices together so for things that the we use daily like the television, for with television now your able to watch the latest movie online without having to go to the movies.

According to an article it states that person today will be surely dependent on internet of the things or in other words technology, which brings me to my next point and that, is Humanness and how internet of thing is having a negative impact on us as human. In today’s generation we are so drawn to our technological devices that over a period of time they have become part of us and one of the prime example is the smart cell phones, tablets, watch etc. From my experience we spend more than half the time on these devices that we don’t have the time to spend with our friends and family and to have that human interaction. Having these devices makes it easier for us to be able to communicate with each other we don’t have to be in the same room with them no more we can just sent text or from the push of a button we make a phone call to them sometimes it good to be able humanness feeling to reconnect with reality once more and take a break from those technological devices.

Another thing that affect internet of things is impacting is person privacy with the large amount of data is being collected on a daily basic there is not a specific place to store them so there for it wide out there in the open for any one being able to gain access to it to add to that some of the thing that we use in our daily life are now using the internet to be connected and some of them also have a built in camera and a microphone that given it the ability to record things around us just imagine that you have a television and it letting know that to view or to do something it need access to microphone and camera now then and there is no privacy with these devices.

Our development is negatively being impacted by internet of things and another one of its risk is cyber security having to be in now modern time where technology plays a big role in person’s life the security behind it in order to keep out information safe is still one of the hardest thing to do or to come to a complete resolution because person finding different ways to try and gain access to person personal information, hacker and cloning are one of the most two normal ones that most people face.

For example someone who shop online or does most things online uses a website that is not real but it appear to be real the person that built that website will be able to obtain the other person’s card or banking information clone it and to do whatever they want to do, the same goes for the hacker they are able to hack into someone’s database or into their personal computer and steal the sensitive information and use it carry all types of mischievous acts with it.


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