Influence of Television on Children Behavior

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Almost in every home, there is a television. Therefore, many people watch television every day, and it is one of their favorite activities. Children, for example, are considered top viewers of television. However, it is believed that what children watch on television influences their behavior for three key reasons.

The first reason is that watching action movies and some cartoons makes children tend to be violent. These children often try to imitate the heroes and characters of such television shows, so that their behaviors become aggressive. Because they cannot fully understand that these shows are not completely similar to our real life, they think that things are settled with the use of force and violence, just like in action movies. Therefore, watching these movies and shows will teach these children to use their muscles, rather than their minds to solve arguments.

The second reason is that what children watch affects their mentality and conduct. This is mainly because these children cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. For example, many children have died in accidents because they have tried to imitate something they have already seen on television such as Superman and other fictional television programs. Moreover, statistics and reports have shown that these programs cause psychological disorders and mental problems for children, to the extent that some children killed others or committed suicide due to what they had watched on television.

The final reason is that some programs which are dedicated to kids contain materials that are deliberately put to spoil their morals and personalities. This is common in many television channels which are owned by those who aim to manipulate and control people’s minds. For instance, there are some cartoon channels that broadcast television programs for kids, such as Cartoon Network and MBC3, which show some cartoons that involve sexual views or bad things which children must not watch. Such channels lead to the destruction of the mentality of these children.

To sum up, we must be aware of what our children watch on television and to keep close to them in order to guide them to watch what suits their ages. The main reason is that the things which our children watch have a great impact on their behaviors, leading them to be violent and mentally-ill. In addition, these things are not suitable to their ages, so that their behaviors and morals are negatively affected.


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