Influence of Feminism on Modern Life

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Feminism has impacted the lives of women across the country. Without feminism, most of us in this class wouldn’t be here, and this class wouldn’t even exist. In 1970, many universities did not allow women to enroll. If women enrolled, their only options were “teaching, home economics, English or maybe a language.” The Women’s studies major doesn’t exist, you can take a women’s course at 6 universities.”

Other aspects of women’s lives have been impacted by feminism including the ability to work in jobs that were previously only held by men including being generals in the U.S. Air Force, and naval pilots. In 1970, “Women workers can be fired or demoted for being pregnant, especially if they are teachers, since the kids they teach aren’t supposed to think that women have sex.” Because of feminism the world today looks very different than it did in 1970.

Although there has been many advancements for women in society, there is still a need for feminism. Some problems in the workforce have been addressed, but women are still being paid less than men doing the same jobs. Women used to be obsessed with being the perfect homemaker, we are now obsessed with being the perfect professional. As Anna Quindlen said, “Women have won the right to do as much as men do. They just haven’t won the right to do as little as men do.” We still have a long way to go before women are completely equal to men.

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