Importance of Trust in Relationships

Updated October 6, 2021

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Importance of Trust in Relationships essay

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When I think of the most important thing I look for in a friend and my family members, the first thing that comes to mind is trust. Trust can be defined in many ways that we generally don’t think about. The dictionary definition of trust is having a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. For many, gaining trust is extremely hard, and for others, it’s the exact opposite.

The word trust, to me atleast, is a more fragile word than others. To gain the trust of another person means you have to continuously show them that they can actually trust you by being honest and many other characteristics that come with friendships or relationships. To gain one-hundred percent complete trust with someone may take weeks, months, or even years depending, but it can also be lost in the blink of an eye. An example of how delicate trust is is shown in marriage. Two people must be completely honest with one another and support each other no matter what. This can easily be broken by just one mistake like cheating on one another and getting caught.

Not only is trust found in relationships, but it is also found in the most simplest things. For example, a dog and its owner. This is a special kind of relationship since dogs clearly aren’t human, but are considered family to a lot of people. The dog and owner create a special bond so that the dog now trusts that his/her human is going to take care of them. Trust can also be found in more complex situations like when two police officers are watching over each others backs when they’re on a call. They have to be able to trust one another to make sure they stay safe and don’t get hurt during the process.

Trust has been a big part of our lives pretty much since birth. Depending on our mothers to make sure we are being taken care of when we are first born, to teaching us how to walk,ride a bike, and drive a car. In our teen years, we hope and pray we find friends who we can build trust with and carry them into the next chapter of life. We also hope that our friends and our family will be there for us to support the decisions we make and guide us in the right direction. This same thing goes on through college and long after, even up to the day we die.

We will know that all our family and friends we have made along the way will be there to say their goodbyes, because that is what friends and family are for. For the rest of our lives, trust will always be a standing factor and something we need to be careful about because in the end, who can you actually trust?

Importance of Trust in Relationships essay

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