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PaveM Decision Support System

History and need Managing pavements has become more complex as California must focus on the importance of preserving and maintaining its roadway infrastructure in addition to new construction. To maintain California’s roadways requires having data on the materials used, the surface and subsurface stresses experienced, and conditions and traffic loads. Many roads within the state…



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Viet Nam’s “Three-Nos” National Security Decision

Rising tensions over freedom regarding navigation in the South China Sea have pressured other states, more specifically ones within Southeast Asia, to choose sides. In the last few years Viet Nam has acted as the role of a balancer, playing both sides by working directly with Beijing to prevent Chinese domination of the South China…



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Assess Technology for Effective Decision Making

Organizations should implement a Decision Support System (DSS) while using return on invest (ROI) analysis to gain favorable financial outcomes, customer satisfaction and allow for streamlined processes to guide the future of an organization. DSS is a collection of interdependent software programs and hardware that aids analysts, organizations, and managers make decisions. Organizations can use…



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Civil Rights of Act

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights of Act, any employment decision, such as hiring, promotion and firing, based on five protected classes: race, color, religion, gender and nation origin is considered illegal discrimination (Steingold, 2017). In addition, federal laws also ban age, pregnancy, disability and other factors as illegal workplace discrimination (2017). Although Title…


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Does the Federal Reserve Bank and FOMC Fall Victim to Decision Biases?

Abstract Does the Federal Reserve Bank and FOMC fall victim to cognitive (decision) biases while conducting monetary policy? While there are many different decision biases, this paper will focus on a select few that are relevant for monetary policy. The paper will discuss scenarios in which the Federal Reserve may have shown a lapse in…


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Smart Data

This paper speaks about the agile smart data that incorporates methods, algorithms and heuristics for data usage and for supporting executive needs. This data comprises certain business rules that strings along imperatively. We also observe the implementation of these rules in cases like apache and giant forest. The paper further questions whether a design diagram…


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Data-driven decision making

From the article, ‘Teachers’ perceptions and attitudes about Response to Intervention (RTI) in their schools: A qualitative analysis’, (Castro-Villarreal, F., Rodriguez, B. J., & Moore, S. 2014) announced that educators proposed for better preparing and support for enhancing frameworks. The study resulted in two general proposals, made up over a portion of the reactions, suggesting…



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The policy and decision-making process of the Bush administration

The decision by George W. Bush to go to war against Iraq in March 2003 has been a point of discussion for over a decade now. This article examines in some detail the policy and decision-making process of the Bush administration during the year leading to the war as well as during the war against…


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Free Will and Its Limits

When considering free will it become necessary to define terms and determine what free will is? In life, we make decisions in the long and short time that impact us in different ways. Deciding whether these decisions are indicative of free will is paramount when defining free will. We could decide what to eat for…


Decision Making,

Free Will

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