Importance of Friendship in Childhood

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Friendship may be an easy word however it carries a deep means.They sharing joys and sorrows at the same time as well. Friendship is one among the foremost precious gifts of life. Friendship is a basic thing for human beings need in their life. Life would be lonely and gloomy without friends beside us because they affect our life more then we have ever thought.

For example, Ali, M (1942) American professional boxer said “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It is not something you learn in school. If you have got not learned the meaning of friendship, you actually have not learned anything”. Friendship have benefits toward us such as friends can decrease our stress level, improve our self-confident and also able motivated us becoming a healthier person.

One of the benefits of having friends is they will decrease our stress level. Having friends by your side lend to help you to forget all the problems you have and makes our life brighter and to bring joyful and comfort because friends give us laughter and make us forget all the harsh and negative things in life that they are facing. For example, by Amanda,C (2011) release an article on 28th November 2011 about Best Friends Can Help You Beat Stress, Study Finds. It is stated that the researchers make some survey and they found during an unpleasant experience, the kids who were with their best friend did not produce as much cortisol as kids who were not around a friend during the stressful time.

It shows that “A child’s close friends can be problematic and lead them astray, but they can also be incredibly positive and supportive”, Karen Majors, education scientist with Barking and Dagenham Community academic scientific discipline Service, told Marie Claire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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