Importance of Communication Skills in Teamwork

Updated April 30, 2021

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Importance of Communication Skills in Teamwork essay

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Communication is a very important part of every person’s life. Today it is very important to have good communication skills, moreover not only in a speech but also by text due to growing internet communication. XXI century is all about impressions, but nothing can impress more than good speech and a high level of vocabulary. Moreover, not only speech but also the opportunity to correctly share your opinion or ask a question in the online form.

Nowadays companies are trying to find a good employee with several skills, however, one of the most important is- communication skills. A person with good communication skills could not only improve the company in a better way but also increase its efficiency to a whole new level. That is why a company such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. while interviewing somebody tries to understand how a person can introduce himself and explain why he has chosen this company and why he would like to apply for the current position.

On the other hand, with the appearance of social media human beings started to lose skills of communication due to the possibility of texting each other without showing their true emotion. I think every person got a situation when he received a joke, and he just answered with a laughing smile, even considering it wasn’t a funny joke. In my opinion, it is the biggest issue of text- conversation, however, it makes the life of some people easier. A perfect example could be a shy person, that is afraid to speak with another person, that this situation when social media can help to start a conversation, thanks due to social media and artificial intelligence it not hard to find somebody near to you.

Also, I would like to mention how to develop communication skills, there is an opinion that some people are born with a certain skill, however, it is not true. All of us are born in the same way with the same skills, every one of us has different friends and different people who surround them. This factor has a big influence on your mind and habits. To developpe communication skills, it isn’t hard, but a lot of time should be spending it could be also described as –“Easy to learn but hard to conquer.”, that is why the best way to learn is- just to speak on different subjects. More to speak there is a good interview on the ’10 ways to have a better conversation | Celeste Headlee’ in this monolog it is possible to see which most common mistakes are done by a person while trying to have an interesting dialogue.

Teamwork- is more than just a combination of letters, it is an effort of people. Thanks to people group work that implement their effort intro cycle of life routines helps our world to develop at a huge speed. Due to people’s coherence with each other the modern world could do incredible things, also with the development of modern technologies and world web-internet, people’s times became more and more efficient.

On the other hand, due to the open world, it is very hard to find a good team. Because of different cultures that can be tied to a person; moreover, different opinions could also be a big issue while working together on a project. However, the best idea and best realization of a project come from a team that includes different genders and cultural aspects. A good example could be VR-helmet that was introduced 5 years ago, a small team of people from different countries had an idea to reimagine IT world and introduce oculus rift, but there where an issue of

lack of funds, that is why the project was uploaded to kickstart.com for people to help with this idea, firstly it was asked to give 100,000$ but in 2-month sum was over 1,000,000$. Now VR technology is used in many companies, and each year is becoming more and more implemented in people’s lives, the two biggest companies that started to use them is: Apple and Idea, every product could be viewed in VR even without special equipment.

In my opinion teamwork in very closely connected with communication, moreover, in every team, it is very important to have a leader. Indeed, a person with leadership qualities could develop a group of people to a significant level. Moreover, it is very important to understand each other not only on the communication level but also in psychological form. Because the psychology of a person is also very important in every project, a clear mind and positive inflation on others can have a good result on the project that the team is working on.

A good example of the right teamwork is the Apple company. Every team should be a good leader that can combine people and get the most efficient combination. Steve Jobs was such a leader, with the leadership quality he was able to combine people of different cultures and specialties. Moreover, communication skill is also very important, without this leader could not explain his idea to his team, also communication could solve the issue that in a company.

In conclusion, communication and teamwork are closely related. It is hardly possible to imagine one without another. Since communication is one of the founders of our progress. It exists in two forms, first is written and second is oral, and the most recent invention of humans online. Because of this, many employers expect their employees to professionally own this skill or ability to learn it in a small period of time. This is necessary for the company because the people in the company are a large group and for effective interaction of communication skills, each person needs it, first of all, to correctly state the idea when explaining the task and presenting repo

Importance of Communication Skills in Teamwork essay

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