“I Still Call Australia Home” Qantas Campaign

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I Still Call Australia Home is one of the most well-known campaigns in Australian history, made by Qantas because it is not just another object that consumers buy off a shelf, it is a part of our economic, iconic and cultural history. Therefore, respect needs to be granted to this monumental achievement by an industrialist company. How was a simple Qantas campaign monumental in Australian history?

The campaign was arguably the most important advertisement for Australian connecting people, place and history. The campaign, was significantly televised within Australia, first advertised in 1997 right through to 2004, impacting and attaching the ‘typical Australian’ together through national pride, whether living at home or those traveling and living overseas.

The typical Australians have been traveling with Qantas as it’s become a house hold name over the years. They are well known for many things such as having the best premium economy class and catering, business class, the best domestic servos and airlines. They are also known for having great international flights, Australian- Pacific flights and for having the best airlines all around Australia in 2014 and 2015 for TripAdvisor Travelers. Overall Qantas is well known by all Australians and is highly rated this is because of the routes leading it to Australia and making it worldwide for people to connect with Australia.

The typical Australian has been boarding Qantas aircrafts for years however most likely not knowing the famous routs starting the world wide industry. As the routes leading Quanta’s to Australia started in Winton Queensland in 1920 then they later moved their headquarters to Longreach Queensland in 1921. In 1922 quanta’s had its first scheduled mail and passenger flight from Charleville to Cloncurry Queensland and in 1924 S.M. Bruce became Australia’s first prime minister to board and use Quanta’s aircrafts. Quanta’s then began building their own aircrafts in Longreach.

The flying doctor service was later launched in 1928, Qantas showcased their first overseas flight in 1935. They then started concurring more airlines, changed their name numerous times and become known by more people around the world. Later down the track they broke a world record for the most passengers aboard an aircraft having 673 passengers. In 1997 they celebrated their 50th anniversary with routes to japan and the kangaroo route between Australia and the United Kingdom. However, Qantas is most known to Australians by its famous commercial which was running from 1997 to 2004, this helped Aussies always have a rout to back home whether they were overseas or simply taking the weekend away.

All the typical Australians would’ve laid eyes upon the Qantas campaign as it begins with a range of young Australian musicians. It has also become associated with the Australian girls and National boys choir. The main part in the songs states “no matter how far I go I still call Australia home”, indicating this helps friends, families and loved ones link back to home. The campaign began in 1997 featuring Peter Allen’s song, the song I still call Australia home, the commercial is three-minutes long with scenes shot in the background all around the world and Australia.

The commercial ends with the Boeing 747 and the words’ “Qantas the Australian Airlines”. The campaign directed by Geoff Dixon with the director photography David Gribble via the Silverscreen Films. It was later broadcasted in the opening of the commonwealth games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was also on TV during the Super Bowl and was advertised on TV, many more in famous sporting and concerts all over the world. The Qantas had received over 50 million views.

The typical Australian has been influenced to board Qantas airlines for year as they are reliable and help you get the best for what you pay. Qantas is by far the best airline and has been helping people to connect for years.

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