I Like to Teaching Welding

Updated December 29, 2021

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I Like to Teaching Welding essay

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Learning takes place by taking a student and showing them either in a group setting or in a one on one session and presenting them your knowledge of a specific subject. It takes more than just showing or talking to a student about a subject to make them learn. A student needs to show a desire and curiosity when they want to learn. Whether it’s just for fun to learn something different that they don’t know about or might want to make it a hobby, or it’s a requirement to advance in school or a career. They have to want to learn this subject in order to succeed in it otherwise it might not go so well for them down the line. However, it’s not all on the student to have a desire for the subject.

The one who is going to teach them also needs to have the same desire to show the student why they are here to learn in the first place. It is up to the teacher to make sure that learning isn’t so dull and unenthusiastic. The teacher has to care about what the student is working on, why they are here, and what makes them have the passion to continue on. I feel as if it is important to express the interest I have for my students as an individual. Students in my experience are more motivated when they recognize that someone actually cares about what they are learning and what they are trying to achieve by being in the classroom. I try to communicate this by generating an atmosphere of respect for the students and an eagerness to learn the subject in question.

In teaching there is a method to explaining a subject to the students that are entering something that they have never known about or are curious to learn about. I was taught it by a former teacher of mine because I was curious about teaching others myself to help out around class or outside of the classroom. The deeper you go into a subject the better learning outcome becomes for a student. Start off by explaining the subject they want to learn, what is the process of welding and why do we use it? Then after they have learned that take an in-depth look into welding.

What is the welding process and how is it going to be used? Then from there once you know they are comfortable with the layout you have now presented you go further in depth by using the practical method. Show them how to weld two pieces of metal together to get the proper fusion. Let them take over to get practice in because practice is the best method to learning hands on subjects like welding. Once a student gets the hang of it, continue going further into the subject of welding. When you get to the point where something might go wrong, and a student might not be able to understand what you’re getting at it can be a struggle but there will always be a way to fix the problem no matter what as a teacher we have the power to make real change. I plan on giving my students challenging yet supportive lessons when teaching them welding.

It’s not all just the hands-on part when on a job you have to know a lot more when you’re a welder. You can’t just sit there and use a 6010 rod on aluminum or stainless steel. You have to know what you process you will be using, what consumables will you be using, are you going to need to clean this better to ensure a proper fusion. I plan on utilizing different teaching methods to better develop students’ ways of thinking like having them engage with each other in group assignments to let them get the feel of how a peer might be trying to solve a problem or if they might have a different method, they discovered to better themselves as a welder.

The more techniques a student is exposed to the more likely they will be able to apply, investigate, and produce better welds and have a better understanding of welding. I would like for my students to get a feel of what an employer is looking for so they might be able to get a broader picture in their minds of what skills they need to acquire or improve on. I will have students reflect at the end of each class what they learn, what they have become stronger at, and what they need improvement on in a short essay. Doing this will help me make sure that my students are accomplishing what they had come into my class to accomplish.

There is a lot to learn in welding and I believe I can give my students the proper tools and knowledge to succeed as a welder. With my experience I can also help them be better prepared for what lies ahead of them when they graduate and move on to their career. If they need help looking for a place to work, I can help with that through my connections I have made over the years I have worked as a welder.

Whatever I can do to make my students succeed I am there to help because that’s why I want to become an Instructor to make sure that I send out the best welders for our workforce. I have a fiery passion for welding that I want to hand down to more people and make them enjoy what they have signed up to learn. I enjoy teaching people about welding, and I hope to get the opportunity to teach way more students to help better the workforce and to make people enjoy being a welder.

I Like to Teaching Welding essay

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