Jealousy is the Real Monster in Othello

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The characters Iago and Othello are similar in many aspects, just as they too differ in various ways. One of the many things that these two characters have in common is the fact that they both claim to be and come across as being fearless and confident. Although Iago and Othello both portray their fearlessness and confidence throughout the story, they have a very diverse approach when portraying these actions. Throughout the story, these men are fighting for what they want or believe in, though they are not particularly fighting the same battles. Iago and Othello although yearn for what they believe in by portraying their confidence in themselves and show no fear while doing so, quickly are overpowered by their desire for revenge. In the end, they are both conclusively different from the core of their character values.

Iago first shows that he is fearless when he first began to plot his revenge against Othello. He shows no fear when he tricked Othello into believing that his marriage wasn’t what he thought it was. Iago shows that he is confident while planning the murder against his own men because Othello did not choose him for the promotion of becoming lieutenant. Othello’s lack of fear quickly becomes evident as he is called for duty against Turk. Just as his fearless behavior instantly becomes evident, his confidence is portrayed just as fast when he truly believes that his wife was unfaithful to him.

We’ve discussed ways in how these two men are similar in how they are fearless and confident. Now let’s discuss how they portray these actions with completely different approaches. Throughout the story, it is clearly shown that Iago is ultimately always up to no good and this, in fact, is what differentiates his actions from Othello’s in the beginning. Iago chooses to use his lack of fear as well as the confidence he has in himself in a negative manner. He chooses to use his lack of fear and the confidence he has to harm others, not caring about the damage it may cost. Othello, on the other hand, chooses to portray his fearlessness and confidence in doing something good for his country, that is until he is brainwashed by Iago and is convinced that his wife betrayed him.

As shown, Iago and Othello do have similarities while also having some differences. Iago, from the beginning, has shown how fearless he can be and how he carries his confidence through his actions, but exactly how confident was he, not in his actions but in himself as an induvial? Othello, in the beginning, portrayed how he had no fear and did not lack confidence in his actions or himself, but in the end, the tables turned when he was convinced that his wife was disloyal to him. Both men let the jealousy and thought of revenge overpower them. Iago let the anger and jealousy he felt from not being chosen for the promotion overcome him, while Othello let the thought of his wife cheating on him deceive him and the way he portrayed that fearlessness and confidence he once had.

Iago from the beginning is considered to be a monstrous character, while Othello was somewhat of a hero until he chose to beat and murder his wife out of jealousy. In my opinion, I do not believe that either men are monsters. I think that a monster is anything that has the power to deplete an individual. I truly believe that a monster is actually the evil that embodies an individual, ultimately destroying the good values in the individual himself. In the case of Iago and Othello, I believe that the jealousy that quickly overpowered them is the real monster as it is what led them both to do what they did.

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